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Jiangxi tells limited company of benefit mine machinery
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The mineral separation equipment that Jiangxi tells limited company of benefit mine machinery is major produces manufacturer, be located in Jiangxi to save county of city of a unit of dry measure for grain of city of another name for Jiangxi Province. Device of the mineral separation that know interest is popular the whole nation, especially in last few years, the product that know interest is sold continuously Malaysia, Korea, Vietnam, Burmese, Russia, Indonesian, (outside) country and the area such as Mongolia, make famous area brand.

The product that know interest with 5~1000 ton / equipment of day series mineral separation is given priority to, the product includes mine, broken, grind mine, classification, carry, more than 10 series such as screening, reelect, floatation, magnetic separation. We hold to the distinctive management concept of profit of credit prep above, the accord that won domestic and international client reputably, win the affirmation of municipal government and industrial and commercial management department and commendation for many times, be awarded " of large family of " pay taxes, " to abide by contract for many times keep good faith letter of quality of enterprise " , " has gotten the honorary title such as unit " .

The alliance that know interest connects benefit mine machinery to be core with Jiangxi, the associated production, professional mine machinery plant that runs jointly domestic group, its manage the history the earliest but restrospect to 1958.

Opened center of benefit Shanghai sale 2008 holding water is blow more the brand that know interest marchs in the round the assault bugle of the international market! Shanghai sale center basically devotes oneself to allied sale system construction, with Jiangxi manufacturing center supplements each other, absorb international advanced sale manages experience, train of thought of sale of company of change tradition type of production and means, lay a foundation to connect benefit to make brand of cacique of future of industry of mineral separation equipment