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Guilin mine machinery plant
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Guilin mine machinery plant only then built 1973, it is the mainstay business of Guangxi machinery industry, ministry of department former Electromechanical is mill of calm dot production, broken one of two big manufacturer that reach environmental protection device, dependency has company of medium-sized second gear. The factory is located in spirit of outskirt of Guilin city north south plain city, border Hunan laurel railroad and laurel fizzle out highway, cover an area of a face to accumulate 270 thousand square metre, manufacturing floor area 7. 50 thousand square metre, existing and inherent asset is worth 23.34 million yuan formerly, net value 13.25 million yuan, equipment of of all kinds industry 245, set cast steel, cast-iron, gold to cut, assemble wait for 10 workshops to distinguish a works, all sorts of treatment facilities and metric detect the method is perfect, classics country is overall quality to manage standardization certainly about the branch the job and 2 level are metric and acceptable unit, passed ISO9001 of center of certificate of quality of Chinese imports and exports in July 2001: Attestation of 1994 quality system, it is Guangxi enterprise of outstanding science and technology, obtain Guangxi machinery to be versed in trade office " revitalizes award " to wait for years continuously, the throughout the country that chooses the R of equipment of manufacturing mine machinery grinder that place type surely for the country's biggest production base. Main product has grader of the R of " of card of " laurel mine grinder that place type, air current, crusher, ball mill and environmental protection facility 5 kinds big 24 breed, among them the dominant product R grinder that place type is " of product of " Guangxi famous brand, it is the whole nation in this kind of product start provincial above famous brand exclusively; Grader of new-style FXG8 air current collect classifications, catch collect to be an organic whole, have tall classification classification efficiency, high precision, specific power consumption is low, cover an area of an area small wait for a characteristic, win award of new product of level of 98 year state. Product sale, home spreads all over 30 province, city of countrywide, municipality, market of the R grinder that place type is had rate amount to 35 % ; Foreign market, early or late 250 are defeated grind a product to be exported Iran, Chile, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore, sri lanka, Nepalese, Indonesian, Peruvian wait for a country, get user reputably. My factory from 80 time first with respect to establish " quality the first, service the first, user the tenet of the first " , serve for the user heart and soul. Carry out ISO900 strictly now 1 quality guarantee system, build rigorous quality government network, make top-ranking product meticulously with “ , offer high-class service; to satisfy client requirement with all one's strength wholeheartedly, improve administrative system continuously. ” is quality guiding principle, send check percent of pass with “ product: Other workshop of the cast steel, cast-iron ≥90% that distinguish a works (market of product of dominant of the ≥99% B) that distinguish a works has C) of rate ≥20%   to be produced every year taste development / correct project ≥5 D) customer satisfaction spends ≥80%” to be quality target, in the job the key strengthens the management to the person, carry choose and employ persons manages theory originally, use charge pattern of type management, revulsive type management, an organic whole oneself muti_function the means such as management, strict craft discipline, aggrandizement supervises assessment, begin quality examine and verify, execute quality one ticket veto, came true thereby successive 3 years the product leaves factory percent of pass 100 % , user satisfaction leads 100 % .

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