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Abide by converts machinery plant of city Ji Dong mine
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Abide by changes machinery plant of city Ji Dong mine to change city afterwards for “ abide by formerly east ” of mine machinery plant (2007 January more renown) . It is design of a collect, the manufacturer home that production mine machinery gives priority to, force of this factory technology is abundant, manufacturing facilities is all ready, detect the method is complete. Build a factory to come for years, the enterprise tastes quality with excellent yield, reasonable price and good after service, get of broad user approbate and trust.
This factory is producible machine of winch of all sorts of model mine promotion, promotion and all sorts of firm cars, tramcar, skip, cage, derrick and its series mine use equipment and a replacement. Have inside the factory all the time the research and development of high quality, detect reach the design that grooms through strict major, installation and after service rank.
“ honesty works, ” of sincere letter humanness, it is my factory always manages a tenet. “ seeks to live on with quality put, seek the market with credit, beg the benefit, guidelines that begging development ” with science and technology is an enterprise in order to manage, after we wish to offer development, design, type selecting, installation, carry out for broad client all-around service.