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Zhengzhou city is changed build mine facility plant
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Zhengzhou city is changed build mine facility plant, be located in Chinese traffic hub, famous city of Central Plains culture - - Zhengzhou city

Zhengzhou city is changed building mine facility plant is market research and development, production, treatment, make, the mechanical equipment that sale and after service are an organic whole creates a company. Product not only popular home, a lot of countries that still are Europe, southeast Asia had made equipment of machinery of a complete set of.

We have the administrative mechanism of contemporary company, excellent treatment facilities, detect faultlessly method, the researcher of high quality, dog high gradely service, offer for the client with the spirit of height that respect property advanced and economic technology serves.

Sort of the equipment of whole set mineral separation that we produce, cement equipment, complex fat equipment is all ready, technical content is high, the product changes fast, fall bad news is energy-saving, the operation is convenient, use efficiency is apparent prep above is domestic and international congener product.

We pursue the business purpose of ” of “ harmony, deal with concrete matters relating to work, efficient, innovation, hold to 20 old struggle difficultly spirit, with machinist of “ development nation ” of course of study is oneself, devote oneself to to become top-ranking and professional mechanical equipment to create a company.

We are located in hinterland of Chinese Central Plains, fleabane hill Shaolin Temple is depended on south, north looks at 9 Yellow Rivers, there is ancient capital of bridge of another name for Kaifeng east, luoyang the Longmen Grottoes is faced on the west. This enterprise will be details with this massiness culture, develop the working personnel of high quality, enthusiasm is service of new old user hand and foot.