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Shandong double win mine machinery limited company
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Shandong double winning mine machinery limited company is research and development of a market, make, sale series is new-style and efficient energy-saving and broken machine, cement machinery equipment and building materials machinery are the company of new and high technology of an organic whole.
The company is located at Shandong to visit Linyi town of the south, beautiful seaside city sunshine, Qingdao is faced east, the birthplace of the sage Confucius that affects Chinese traditional culture is faced on the west, north relies on the Yi Mengshan with continuous lofty, freeway freely crisscross. University of science and technology of Hua Dong technical institute, Shandong is the same as since the company is long-term, design an academy to waited for many school to establish long-term cooperation relationship with industry of housing materials of Chengdu, Tianjin, Shandong, already had the professional technology qualified personnel such as senior administrator, senior mechanical engineer to amount to many 30 at present. The product already passed national quality technology to monitor the certificate of quality of the bureau, already sold well at present countrywide each district, export southeast Asia nation, got broad client reputably. The company passed ISO9001:2 2004000 edition quality manages systematic attestation, become unit of unit of academician of industry of machinery of Chinese building materials and academician of industry of Chinese environmental protection.
Company production is efficient and crusher of new-style jaw type, energy-saving crusher of hammer type crusher, the double type that move jaw, strike back type crusher, new-style the machine that make sand, vibrating separator, oscillatory feeder, avoid bake bricks the 7 old series such as machine a few breed, the product applies to of all kinds mining industry extensively, building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, the industry such as coal.
The company takes the “ sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, innovation, spirit of enterprise that grows ” , hold to “ quality to be this, the user is consummate the principle of ” , serve actively for broad client.