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Ascend a discovery medium-sized barite bed
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Recently, henan saves the 2nd geology perambulate courtyard is ascending a city to send a watch village of building of mining area Liu the ascertain around bed of one medium-sized barite, resource reserves is two million and ninety-five thousand five hundred tons, average grade 60.12% , reach industrial level.

Barite is a kind those who contain barium is mineral, bases is vitriolic barium. The crystal Chang Chenghou of barite board shape or columnar crystal, crystal gathers together to be able to form a rose sometimes

Beautiful appearance, it is biforked brilliant sometimes piece, be called again aigret shape barite. Barite is the raw material that collects barium, wear fine pink can be done drill used slop accentuation agent, the filler that can do all sorts of white dye, coating and rubber industry, papermaking line of business again and chemical. In recent years, reach its as international oil the rapid development of relevant industry, barite is in fast growth posture all the time in the demand on the international market.

The expert thinks, mining area of barite of building of Liu sending a list is located in Central Plains hinterland, the condition that become mine is good, the condition such as together with traffic, electric power, fountainhead is more convenience, very advantageous to exploitation. The ascertain of Liu Lou barite mine, bring inestimable value for Henan barite market, once extract, will alleviate greatly two lard cropland is opposite Henan the demand of barite, to the economy of this area development is having huge to promote action.