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Look forward to of 3 big mine airs for next year iron ore the negotiation is bui
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The reporter learns from force develop group yesterday, this company has approved brushstroke the capital of 293 million dollar, use at extend of continuity of project of Canadian iron ore and research and development. Analytic personage expresses, on one money year of iron ore market hot make force develop profit soars, because this also makes this company enlarge production, with period the advantage position that expands in iron ore domain.

The 3rd stage that pursueing according to force develop develops the strategy, to 2011, the pink of essence of life of company of Canadian iron ore produces per year a quantity to will rise 50% reach 26 million tons. According to reporter understanding, include pre-construction to work inside, the extend capital with this affirmatory already project amounts to 768 million dollar, among them force develop is contributive 451 million dollar.

The 2009 money after two months year iron ore negotiation is about to begin, to vantage ground is held in the negotiation, near future of tycoon of ore of 3 big international again and again “ blowy ” , with stop production or rise in price to be built for coming negotiation for the name situation. Analytic personage points out, as a result of traditional iron ore negotiation mechanism already appeared interstitial, difficulty of iron ore negotiation will be taller this year.

The reporter learns yesterday, need and need develop already break down its on the west bay business of all iron ore, the reason is its are located in iron ore mine produces Australian Yang Di on the west fatal accident of a worker, this action takes the effect global trade about the iron ore of 14% yields. On the other hand, fresh water river valley also issued the announcement that raise price to domestic steelworks through informal channel recently, the reporter understands from the domestic steelworks such as Wu Gang, steelworks already received this one written announcement.