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Coal price is measurable this year go up raise demand amplitude somewhat fall af
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A few days ago, national hair changes appoint economic moving bureau is forecasted, domestic coal price will still keep measurable on the whole this year on raise trend, coal demand amplitude criterion will somewhat fall after a rise.
Advance coal to commercialize reform as the country, encourage both sides of supply and demand to negotiate a price independently according to market supply demand relations, the price of contract of key of excellent report coal of long-term before on the low side, mix according to supply demand relations necessarily rare be short of degree to draw close to market price case. In the meantime, come nearly two years the country adjusts coal industry policy centrally, policy sex adds an element more, coal produces cost to rise considerably, also drive the raise on coal price necessarily. But raise coal price moderately, be helpful for promoting structural adjustment of the trade that use coal and energy-saving technology progress, be helpful for realizing 915 ” of “ ” of the energy-saving target that decrease a platoon.
Look from coal demand, as the country of effect of macroscopical adjusting control show stage by stage, the step that eliminates backward productivity won't slow down, index of coal of bad news of industry of coal of main bad news continues to drop. And build colliery dimensions and construction cycle according to be in, 2007, 2008 will be new increase production can be released centrally period, ability of new put into production will increase more. Additional, course of string of month of big Qin Xian, Hou is transformed, coal carriage capability still will grow this year, but other line is carried already saturated, china transport power of area of medium railroad through transportation continues nervous. Because coal supply and demand will maintain overall balance, gross show comfortable state slightly this this year, but coal of parcel area, part is planted, excess supply of coal of specific period of time and nervous phenomenon will exist at the same time. For instance coal of excellent motive force and supply of cleaned coal of coking of strong caking property slant close, low qualitative coal is begged for be more than; During the estivate that greet a peak and winter warm oneself, parcel area still may appear supply slant pressing issue.