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Chinas rare earth industry needs national consciousness
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In the recent past, the stock market are booming, in this hot climate, if long ago as the representative of the fire in the lithium battery of the new energy sector, then the current is led to earth as the representative of the non-ferrous metal plate. People see, Baotou Steel Rare Earth (83.90,3.92,4.90%), Rising colored, Jiangxi Copper (44.47,0.40,0.91%), Chalco (12.36,0.06,0.49%), Minmetals Development (29.49, 2.57,9.55%) and other rare earth stock price has doubled in a short time gains. In fact, some of these stocks are not really rare earth stocks, but the parent company's business in this respect, simply did nothing to do with the listed companies, but because of who were of rare earth into stir the imagination.

RE why stocks are stocks? In fact, disclosure of the relevant regulatory authorities shortly before the rare earth industry information. Earlier this month, said the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will expedite the development of relevant policies and regulations, and actively promote the "Rare Earth Industry Development Plan" and "Rare Earth Industry Development Policy" introduced, with the Ministry of Commerce, improve the export management mechanism, and further refinement rare earth export tariff, strict accreditation rare earth export enterprises, improve the allocation of rare earth export quotas, to prevent loss of resources. Miao Wei, vice minister of Ministry of Industry said that China nearly a hundred rare earth separating enterprises through restructuring will reduce to 20. In fact, the Ministry began from 2007 control of rare earth production. All these developments show that China's rare earth industry, optimize the allocation of resources and intensive development has been the general trend.

These actions caused the Chinese authorities of the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries and the company's strong reaction to some developed countries to the Chinese enterprises to actively develop new projects in areas outside, and some mining companies are returning to and expanding its production of rare earth mine . According to overseas media reports, on the 12th of this month, Japanese Ambassador to convene the United States, Britain, Germany, France and Korea ambassador to China, asked China to ease regulations on the export of rare earth elements. And Premier Wen Jiabao on October 6 in Brussels to attend the Sixth China-EU Business Summit that China should maintain the sustainable development of rare earth, not only to meet national needs, but also to take care of the world needs, not only based on the current, but also to long-term perspective. To manage and control the rare earth is necessary, but never blocked.

RE is not for the general public familiar with this stuff, why foreign governments and businesses caused widespread concern? After all, is that earth is a strategic resource, essential to the development of high-tech industries.

Rare is the periodic table of chemical elements in the lanthanide as well as the 15 lanthanide elements are closely related to two elements of a total of 17 elements, known as rare earth elements (RareEarth), referred to as the rare earth (RE or R). The general state of rare earth oxides are separated out, and very rare, and thus was named earth. Rare earth rich, excellent light, electricity, magnetism, superconductivity and catalytic properties, is widely used in advanced technology areas, the "industrial MSG," "the mother of new material," the reputation of the strategy of non-renewable resources, in modern science industry recognized information, biology, new materials, new energy, space, marine and other fields of application of new technology groups are essential, such as military defense system needs to use a lot of rare earth materials, including missiles, satellites and radar systems, The business areas include hybrid electric engines and batteries, wind turbines, computer hard drives, mobile phones, cameras, and optical energy-saving light bulbs and so on. China has the world 95% of the earth, 97% of global supply comes from China. "Middle East oil, China has a rare earth," Deng Xiaoping's words, which shows China's rare earth resources of the rich and rare earth in the world market.

Middle East oil resources to the Middle East were oil, manure, but the Chinese people are proud of the earth, in the face of the current situation is very bitter: China has a large number of "more expensive than oil," the earth is sold as pork prices! Early August of this year, a sign of rare earth oxide, praseodymium neodymium products export prices fell to 70,000 yuan / ton. August 20 market showed 99% -99.9% purity lanthanum oxide price of only 2 million -2.3 million / ton, samarium oxide per ton of about 17,000, only 14,000 -1.6 ceria yuan / ton, equivalent per kg of cerium oxide can only be sold for 16 dollars, and pork prices are 18 yuan / kg. According to statistics, from the 90 years since the last century, China's export volume of rare earth increased by about 10 times the average price had been lowered to about the price of Liu Cheng. In the world electronics, lasers, superconductivity and other high-tech industrial scale exponentially growth scenario, China's rare earth prices have not gone up, some countries have acquired from the Chinese rare earth prices actually lower than the cost of mining in the country. This situation is really bitter!

Comparable to the gold fire sale of Chinese Rare Earth Why so? "Although China's export quota of rare earth products decreased, but the ferroalloys and other items through the smuggling of rare earth products from overseas, generally recognized as the industry about 2 million tons per year." A long been engaged in the export trade of rare earth industry sources say so. In fact, the rampant smuggling of rare earth fire sale is only the appearance, disorderly competition in China's rare earth industry, is the source of rare earth fire sale.

Currently, more than 170 enterprises in China Rare Earth, distributed in more than 10 provinces and cities, a considerable number of small and medium private enterprises, or an annual processing capacity of 2000-5000 tons of only 10, of which more than 5,000 tons of annual processing capacity of only 3. These enterprises are generally small, less competitive. Demand of the international market of rare earth 10 million tons / year, and only rare earth production capacity of 20 tons / year, the remaining 10 million tons per year. Over-supply in the rare earth production, enterprises scattered competitive environment, through lower prices to compete has become industry practice, this way, rare earth are truly fire sale? How can we help Japan and the U.S. and other western countries took the opportunity to acquire a large number of cheap Chinese Rare Earth?

Insiders pointed out that, even though China has the world's most rare earth mine, but according to the current surplus of mining, 30 years later, Bayan Obo in Inner Mongolia Baotou Rare Earth will be emptied; in 20 years, Jiangxi rare earth resources will be exhausted mining; and the United States, Australia, and other rare earth State has sealed its own mineral resources to do strategic reserves. China needs to strengthen the strategic protection of rare earth resources, otherwise, China rare earth along with the huge loss of great power status of China's rare earth will be threatened. The most frightening thing is that if the current speed of development of rare earth in China a few years later, China will not self-sufficient, will be "earth power" into a "shortage of rare-earth country", this high-end technology for the development of extremely unfavorable .

Clearly, the strengthening of the rare earth industry, planning and management, the establishment of rare earth reserve system, and vigorously promote mergers and acquisitions and the formation of large enterprise groups, and strengthen local enterprises between the horizontal joint collaboration, the elimination of backward production capacity, promote the rare earth technology, specifications of rare earth sales and exports , are necessary to protect the safety of rare earth resources initiatives.

If, in the iron ore, we lack the resources controlled by others, be forgiven, then, we have the world's most abundant rare earth resources, still lack the right to speak to is really justified.

China's rare earth industry in every individual, every business, particularly the need for a strong "national consciousness", and must not blinded by the immediate petty.