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Mining machinery crusher into the information technology age with the times
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20th century, China Mining Machinery Engineering gained great development, from the man shooting drill, rake and dustpan out of mine, back pack shoulder of ore to the mine with modern machinery and equipment, through the course of development of mechanized mining. Change Reform and opening up the past, we mainly rely on self-reliance, self-developed domestic equipment; reform and opening up, we rely on "the introduction, digestion, absorption" and the combination of independent research and development of domestic mining equipment, has made no Small achievement. The 21st century, humanity has entered the era of knowledge economy, knowledge economy, one of the basic characteristics of the era is the era of information technology. Liming Heavy Industry Technology tide of the times, lifting equipment technical content, the introduction and integration of high-tech equipment. 5X Series High Liming Heavy Industry Vertical crusher is the latest technology imported from Germany science and technology, in addition to Appearance of the patent, the impact can be called with a block, modular butt ends of a property such as the three first generation of independent patent products, is specialized in crushing the perfect combination of technology and machinery manufacturing model is a new technology, new work Fully reflect the arts. 5X series of high impact crusher applied the latest materials science, manufacturing technology, hydraulic technology, computer technology, information technology, competitive advantage, enabling 5X series parts and more efficient Sand New cycles are getting shorter. 5X Series Vertical Crusher innovative design methods, innovative equipment to achieve the concept of channels, such as the use of digital technology, concurrent design, virtual design, network design and many innovative and effective Methods and tools, these design methods to reduce design cost and shorten the development cycle Sand, improve product quality and market competitiveness. 5X Series Sand not only for highway, railway, high building, city Political project, construction of hydroelectric dams, ports, concrete mixing stations provide the best quality sand and gravel aggregate, indisputably become the mechanism for shaping the field of sand and stone industry, the core equipment; and more and become a broken metal ores Crushed quartz sand production, the main areas of steel slag processing equipment. 5X Series high efficiency centrifugal Impact Sand is a recognized worldwide to be a new and efficient crushing machine. Products, rapid response manufacturing, green manufacturing and ultra-precision engineering in the 21st century processing technology and equipment to put forward new demands. Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology in the continuous mining machine design and production, combined with market demand and Technology development trends, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion and absorption, innovation, has become a reliable, high quality, high efficiency, precision, special and innovative processing technology and equipment and technology for the development of manufacturing technology, to mention The manufacture of high quality mining machinery to make its own contribution.