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China will build seven countries Shanxi Datong Mine Emergency Response Team
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11 journalists from China's State Council Office of the safety committee learned that China will rely Heilongjiang Gang, Datong, Shanxi, Hebei Kailuan, Huainan, Anhui, Henan Pingdingshan, Sichuan Furong, Gansu Jingyuan mine rescue team, step up construction of seven National Mine Emergency rescue team, and strive to fully completed before the end of 2011. Learned that the National Mine Emergency Response Team will make full use of existing resources and conditions of business, highlighting strengths and characteristics, focusing on investment, in particular, with international and domestic advanced emergency rescue equipment is sophisticated, doing a good job in this business, accidents in the region Rescue at the same time, to meet regional, and the rescue of major complex, difficult accident quickly and efficiently the needs of rescue work. In order to form a complete set of mine emergency rescue team system, in addition to national mine emergency rescue teams, China will also strengthen regional mine emergency rescue team, the backbone of the provincial local mine emergency rescue teams and other local grassroots mine emergency rescue team construction, and mining enterprises to enhance mine rescue teams and emergency medical care system. According to the Office of the State Security Committee to further enhance safety on the emergency rescue system for the implementation of views, from now until the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the national (regional) mines, dangerous chemicals, emergency response teams will be completed, other key industries ( the field of) emergency rescue team construction will be further strengthened, provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), city (prefecture), the focus counties (cities, districts) security and emergency management (rescue command) institutions will be fully established.