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The implementation of enterprise security design of mine to start up without t
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To prevent and reduce accidents, Shanxi Province, safety supervision departments will strengthen supervision of metal and nonmetal mine safety in the future, the mining enterprise design and change the design of safety facilities, without security supervision departments for examination and approval to start, safety supervision in addition ordered to stop construction or mining enterprises use, but also at 5 million more than 10 million fine. Non-coal mining areas in Shanxi Province to form a more historic, small, scattered, chaotic, dangerous pattern of low-standard construction, low standard of management, low standards of operation. After several years, major efforts to secure improvement, the problem eased, but the overall pattern is still relatively backward. In the future, companies must be equipped with underground mine manager, and in charge of safety, production, electrical and mechanical, technical person in charge. Open pit mine in charge of business must be equipped with safety and technical manager, and the person in charge. Special operations personnel to process and production requirements based on fully serviced with feet. Mine after the final acceptance of construction projects within 30 working days, safety supervision departments should apply for non-coal mine safety production license. Failure to obtain safety licenses mining enterprises, not the production run. Emergency rescue in the future, mining companies should be established by a full-time or part-time staff of the emergency rescue organizations, with rescue equipment and facilities. Smaller scale of production without creating emergency rescue organization should be designated part-time emergency rescue staff, and emergency rescue organizations, neighbors signed a rescue agreement.