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Finance Notes: Wing through the glass to see mine dry
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Rum, wine, beer scented colors, cookies, fruit salad, cheese, co ... ... in Australia, Queensland, Mount Isa mine, Xinhua News Agency reporters Ri Qianzou and Jin Le Bar a miner, to experience the simple and to the miners enthusiasm, but also learned a dry mine Wing course. Allen is a solid dark local aboriginal, now at the Mining Group Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Branch, a local mining projects. Allen told reporters a few months ago, this place is the bar in the wilderness does not exist, "the investors come, they brought everything: roads, training opportunities, there is work." Allen said the financial crisis, recession due to local mining company went bankrupt, he was unemployed and hundreds of workers at home. A few months ago, investors from Hong Kong, China mining projects related to the acquisition, exploration and production started, so we re-appointment. He said: "I am very satisfied with the job, rewarding, and the mine from my house is only 10 minutes drive away, very convenient." Mine driver Paul told reporters that he now can get an annual salary about 10 million Australian dollars (1 U.S. dollar equals 1.01 Australian dollars), compared with the general Australian white-collar workers holding more than the city, experienced the Depression, he was cherished mining work now . In the bar, the reporter met a mining group in the Division Executive Director and Deputy Chairman Owen He Jiadi. He pointed out that Chinese investors to the local community to bring direct employment opportunities, while making the tax increase here, and improved the welfare state, which is "China's capital and Australia's resources, technology and operations management a good example of the combination." Martin is the Branch Yilaiensa mining project in the local Aboriginal and community relations consultant. She said that the local development company set aside a fund for the training of local residents and a talent pool of, as long as job opportunities, which give preference to local people. As indigenous people, Sama Ding grateful to say that, taking into account local medical equipment behind, remote location, the company provides transportation when necessary, sick people out by helicopter for medical treatment. The feelings of the miners of the enterprise is not lip service. According to the Bureau of Mining CEO Daimengbabo introduced, about half a month ago, mine fire, "is our Fire trench digging day and night staff, set up a firewall, and put reverse the spread of fire to prevent the fire and eventually put out fire, the preservation of the mining equipment ... ... If not stationed in the field of workers, the company will suffer great losses, the destruction of the local ecological environment will be ... ... I'm proud of them. " Chairman of the Group in the Division of Mining crossing Zhao told reporters, "Businesses and local communities should be a symbiotic relationship. A loss for both, a prosperity. Only in doing business at the same time benefit the local communities in order to win hearts and minds, can do more long-term. " Bar, voices, Gongchoujiaocuo. There are no strangers, acquaintances or strangers, to the all friends. Enthusiasm of the miners drank from the nearby: Come on, man! Drink! To friendship, to prosperity!