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Strengthening Safety Supervision Bureau in Shandong Linqu underground non-coal
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Linqu innings Shandong Zhaoyuan Dora Gold profound lessons "8? 6" major accidents and lessons, and strengthen measures to increase supervision of underground mines to ensure safe operation. First, strictly implement the business leaders to go down with class system. Urge enterprises to carefully developed with leading members of the enterprise class system, strictly enforce the provisions of leading cadres in the scene with the class. All underground mining enterprises responsible for and leadership team members must take turns on-site foremen, and workers also go down or wells, and strengthen key positions, key aspects of the inspection visit, to discover and dispose of safety problems, to stop illegal command, illegal operations and other acts . Second, the strict application of qualified underground mining equipment. Of underground mining enterprises to adopt a full range of inspection equipment and facilities on a regular basis, must be safe and reliable qualified products, prohibited the use of fake and shoddy. Third is to strengthen the management of ventilation, electrical and mechanical to prevent fire accidents. To urge enterprises to strengthen management of electrical and mechanical equipment, thorough investigation of the fire hazard, increase capital investment, installing mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation and ground to achieve a combination of mechanical ventilation. Currently, all underground mining has been establishing and improving mechanical mine ventilation system. Fourth, strengthen emergency management. To urge enterprises according to the characteristics of underground accident, developed a power failure, poisoning, suffocation, fire and other emergency response plan in case of a clear escape plan for disaster prevention, strengthening the emergency response drills. Meanwhile, to further establish and improve the mine emergency rescue communications system, and strengthen education and training of emergency staff to improve their self-help, mutual help and deal with emergencies.