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Henan undertakes to saving 3 kinds of mine completely shutdown stop production i
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Channel of xinhua net Henan on September 21 report(reporter Liang Peng) the reporter understands from Board of Industrial Management of Henan province coal, henan province decides mine of integrated to saving resource completely technical reformation undertakes shutdown stop production is rectified, rectify this basically include a province to belong to coal mainstay business and place the mine of state-owned colliery conformity, the alone reservation that having technical reformation, combination is transformed and become independent piece paragraph of mine, the manufacturing mine that did not pass technical reformation 3 kinds of mine.

Henan saves a government to issued urgent announcement a few days ago, the demand comes from September 15 on October 10, mine of integrated to saving resource completely technical reformation undertakes shutdown stop production is rectified. Announcement requirement, mine of technical reformation of conformity of resource of colliery of complete during this province must stop all ability transform an activity, undertake shutdown is rectified; Produce mine without what pass technical reformation, same stop production is rectified. Between shutdown idling period, mine permits ventilated drain off water only, activity of forbidden and other operation. After shutdown stop production ends, after government of beard classics city, county or province belong to backbone coal company to check and accept qualification, square recoverable ability corrects construction or resume production.

The reporter understands, this stop production consolidates a decision is Henan province government the grim situation that in the light of conformity of resource of near future Henan grave accident of technical reformation colliery sends more and make. According to introducing, output of coal of report of this part colliery occupies the 50 % above that Henan saves completely.

In recent years, henan colliery is shut rectify and integrated strength is increased ceaselessly, amount of small coal mine already reduced present 620 point from the 5800 more than place 1998, among them by the small coal mine of conformity of state-owned coal company 102 place. Pass conformity and technical reformation, the safe equipment of this part small coal mine and safe technology level of management had bigger promotion, safe state also all the time relatively smooth. But this year since July, as a result of a variety of reasons, mine of resource conformity technical reformation produces grave accident for many times, the Chongzhongzhi that becomes current colliery safety to superintend is heavy.

Henan province government rectified medium secure superintendency job to make strict provision to this shutdown stop production. Ask mine of each shutdown stop production must make practical shutdown stop production reorganize program. Various local government and company of state-owned backbone coal should send person specially assigned for a task to be stationed in mine to superintend. Various government should form associated superintend group with concerned branch, begin successive uninterrupted special superintend activity, setting of administration of safety of key superintend mine is perfect, "5 duty " whether do long, professional technology and personnel of special type of work deploy mine all ready or reach formulary number, whether are system of regulations of each safe production and safe technology measure fulfilled soundly, undertake construction whether strictly according to the design, whether to deal with inductrial injury insurance and person accident injury insurance for the worker, whether does construction unit have corresponding aptitude, whether does construction personnel possess corresponding qualification, whether does construction equipment accord with safe requirement, whether does construction team exist to govern on somebody's behalf in order to wrap etc.
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