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Competition of rescuing technology of mine of the 7th whole nation is held in Sh
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On September 20, competition of rescuing technology of mine of the 7th whole nation saves interpose to rest in Shanxi city pulls open heavy curtain. Safe production of director of organizing committee of competition of rescuing technology of mine of the 7th whole nation, nation controls government lash-up of safe production of total bureau deputy director general, nation comes to help Wang Dexue of command center director, chen Chuan of vice-governor of Shanxi province government is smooth reach countrywide federation of trade unions, the Youth League mining industry company leads group of cooking coal of chief of the concerned branch central, Shanxi and Fen to attend opening ceremony and make a speech on the west. Opening ceremony by safety of national coal mine Wang Shuhe of censorial bureau deputy director general is chaired.

Wang Dexue supervises safety of coal mine of administrative total bureau, country to censorial bureau makes a speech and announce competition of rescuing technology of mine of the 7th whole nation to kick off on behalf of national safe production. Wang Dexue goes out in speech middle finger, at present situation of mine safe production still compares our country austere, serious especially big accident happens from time to tome, what should realize state of mine safe production is farther improve, still need to give persistent tough effort. In the meantime, mine lash-up rescuing job is lying to perfect level further, construction of mine rescuing team is shoulder heavy responsibilities more. Want to take seriously highly in mine rescuing job accordingly, strengthen a leadership; Engrave mission, hammer into shape style; Standard management, the standard works; Smooth battle is united in wedlock, do well precaution; Do well contest, exercise a procession.

Wang Dexue hope comes to help through running mine of the 7th whole nation technical competition, promote the development of mine rescuing career further, lift mine to come to help team comparing, learn, drive, the side, climax that exceed, drive the integral quality that promotes mine rescuing team and capacity in the round, drive mine lash-up rescuing job to last healthy progress.

Lash-up of the State Council does, security of Ministry of Public Health, state superintends coal mine of total bureau, country to install inspect bureau to concern lash-up of safe production of department bureau chief, nation to come to help chief of command center concerned branch, management department of industry of superintendency bureau of security of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, coal, federation of trade unions, round appoint, provincial colliery safety is censorial orgnaization controller, the specially invite such as governmental concerned department, professional association, society is represented, and Shanxi province concerns local government, branch and company controller to wait attend an opening ceremony and contest of view and emulate.

The theme of this second contest is: Solidarity, collaboration, communication, rise. 288 32 mine rescuing teams that come from the whole nation, team member enter a race. The contest installed imitate to provide disaster relief, medical treatment emergency treatment is two collective projects and respirator operation, integrated physical ability, academic exam project of 3 each people, in all 5 projects. The contest sets fellowship award and individual award, award of agonistic spiritual civilization, 51 labor of whole nation of ” of ” of 51 labor certificate of merit, demonstrative hillock of safe production of “ whole nation, “ are numismatic the honorary title such as ” of expert of station of youth of whole nation of ” , “ . Agonistic date from September 20 to 22 days, by a definite date 3 days.
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