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China encounters black produces especially big and safe accident 2 days 3 cases
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This is a black on the weekend.
On September 20 3 when 30 minutes, fu Hua colliery of city of hillock of Heilongjiang province crane produces fire accident, 31 colliers are issued by tired well. Up to 21 days 14 when, rescuing team member added up to to discover 19 colliers remains below mine, still 12 colliers miss.

On September 20 22 when 49 minutes, club of king of dance of area of hillock of Shenzhen city dragon produces accident of especially big fire one case. Up to 21 days in the morning 11 when, death 43 people, hospitalization 59 people (high 4 times among them heavy patient) , leave a courtyard to watch 6 people.
Morrow 1 when make 10 minutes, henan province ascends a city new abundant below 2 mine 6 level produce coal and gas to highlight an accident. When accident happening, share 108 people when collier of the well below the class. Up to 9 when 20 minutes, 64 people safety rises a well, 7 people are risen by rescue well, 37 people die. Get hurt after personnel is rescued, send in time already toward hospital cure.

Hu Quan of Zhengzhou city deputy mayor is accepted when interviewing, say, new abundant 2 mine are to enter a town wide an ability of limited company changes virtuous labour trade colliery. Look from the situation that understands at present, this is to have make be no good, have ban more than the evil consequence that lead to. Before before long, henan province has allotted urgent to saving ability to change mine to undertake shutdown stop production is rectified completely announcement, zhengzhou city is clutching fulfil. But this mine is by day however stop production, produce secretly in the evening, against the wind works.
Two days produce especially big and safe accident 3 cases, and the earnestly and tirelessly of party and national leader admonishs the words are still ringing in one's ears: "Since this year, a few places produce accident of gross production safety and food safety accident to give people life property to cause significant loss. From inside these incident report goes out, consciousness of tenet of lack of a few cadres, overall situation consciousness, hardship consciousness, responsibility consciousness, style float, management flabby, work is not steady, some is mixed to masses cry even sufferings pay no attention to, safe to relation masses life such major problem apathetic. We reach its sequential seriousness to must estimate adequately to these incident, to among them bitter lesson must firmly remembers in mind. To among them bitter lesson must firmly remembers in mind..
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