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One colliery produces Yunnan popular trust coal and gas highlight an accident
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Company Kunming is connected in Hong Kong on September 30 report (Yang Yang) government of county of Yunnan province authority confirms now, 29 days 15 when 30 minutes or so, one colliery produces this county coal and gas highlight an accident, already caused 6 people death at present.

Accident colliery is located in authority county to plunge into press down on the west, mine advocate be called Ceng Xulin. As we have learned, procedure of this mine mining is not whole, did not deploy basic mine to grow with the engineer, management is confused, ceng Duo second by the government relevant section is compelled rectify and reform. This accident reason is gas leak, already caused 6 people death at present. The reporter saves colliery safety in Yunnan the understanding on the official website of censorial bureau arrives, two years on August 2, this colliery ever had produced roof accident one case, cause one person death.

After accident happening, local government starts a colliery to weigh lash-up of especially big accident to come to help instantly beforehand case, clear connects county of city, authority relevant department official and staff member are driven immediately go to the spot, begin accident lash-up to deal with the job. The leader takes seriously highly related Yunnan province and make important written instructions.

Current, the accident is in further investigation, the relevant job such as deal with problems arising from an accident is in appropriate processing. Colliery mine advocate Ceng Xulin states he is very sad, I am sorry die collier: "I am willing according to national level, RMB of the person that compensate for every die in an accident as soon as possible 200 thousand yuan. " (be over)