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Head of a county of secretary of Heibei colourful county hides the truth from a
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People net on October 7 report The Heibei province that the reporter holds from this afternoon is safety of medicines and chemical reagents of safe production, food, energy-saving the concentration that decrease a platoon learns on action videophone conference: Zhang Jia mouth蔚县李家洼煤矿7月份发生一起重大矿难,造成30多人死亡。事故发生后,业主和县、乡政府串通瞒报事故,相关责任人已受到严肃处理。

According to Heibei Hu Chunhua of the governor that save era introduces, 李家洼煤矿长期无证非法生产。7月14日发生爆炸后,业主和县、乡政府串通瞒报事故,性质十分恶劣。经初步调查,事故死亡人数超过30人,案情令人触目惊心。到目前,此案仍在进一步调查中。

Great ore hides the truth from depression colliery of colourful county Li Jia hard newspaper事故,目前已处理党政干部25人,蔚县县委书记李宏兴、县长祁建华已被免职并立案调查,河北煤矿安全监察局张家口分局副局长王建勇、张家口市国土资源局副局长张志新、蔚县副县长王凤忠以及县煤炭工业管理局局长和事故所在镇党委书记、镇长、派出所所长等22人被移送检察机关,1人被刑拘。

Hu Chunhua points out in the gravity on the conference, as depression as colourful county Li Jia colliery such illegal production company why can long-standing, and the amount is not little, among them a main reason is a few examinations personnel is irresponsible, the job not thorough, make a gesture to give the impression of doing sth, some although fish problem also is not reported, do not take step, make check the job to flow at the form, achieve expectant result and goal hard. And the reason that analyses colourful county mine to wait for great and safe accident hard seriously, in the final analysis is cadre of a few leaders and company controller take safe production job seriously not quite, not from carry out fulfil scientific progress view, maintain people life健康
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