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The promotion of dynamoelectric scraper uses foreground and measure
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The promotion application foreground of dynamoelectric scraper and measure one, in the application that uses foreground not to have rail facilities 30 years in mining of our country underground, the development of dynamoelectric scraper is begun more extensive, homebred type is more comprehensive also. But, dynamoelectric scraper is less. Be opposite as our country the demand of environmental quality is higher and higher, dynamoelectric scraper prevented the tail gas pollution of derv scraper, accord with code of national environmental protection, this is used to the promotion of dynamoelectric scraper created a condition. The LADCY-2 that machinery plant of company of group of mining industry of Lu Zhongye gold and orgnaization of research and development of technology of Beijing authoritative industry develop development jointly is dynamoelectric scraper, of dynamical system and basic configuration and abroad 2 establish a dynamoelectric scraper likeness, but fought a look to increase 1/3, accordingly productivity also increased 1/3, according to national authority the branch detects the result shows, in average haul distance 60 meters circumstance falls, the working ability of this type 70 tons / hour, press year of effective job 3000 hours to calculate, the ability giving mine of LADCY-2 dynamoelectric scraper 210 thousand tons, compare abroad 2 establish a dynamoelectric scraper to give mine ability tower above 60 thousand tons, its economic benefits is quite considerable. From the analysis on cost, current, the abroad that imports a coequal quality and coequal configuration is overall, need 180 thousand dollar about, amount to RMB 1.8 million yuan, accordingly, every buy dynamoelectric scraper of a LADCY-2, can save a RMB 900 thousand yuan, according to preliminary count, the opposite service life of LADCY-2 dynamoelectric scraper is 8 years, spare parts year of relative demand 80 thousand yuan or so, import coequal type to spare parts year of demand control for 150 thousand yuan, so, every use dynamoelectric scraper of a LADCY-2, opposite entrance type, add overall the price is poor, the user can save 1.4 million yuan. This LADCY-2 dynamoelectric scraper since trial-produce is successful in January 2004 up to now, already produced 9, be in the iron ore of young officer banker of rash mine group, Home Zhang respectively each mining area production such as depression iron ore are used, energy-saving effect is apparent, efficiency giving mine is tall. Efficiency giving mine is taller than original 922E dynamoelectric scraper 80 % , charge of 10 months spare parts is the corresponding period only ton give mine to use up norm 25 % , annual but section report seventy-four thousand one hundred yuan, hydraulic pressure oil and transmission oil are used up year can save 299 thousand yuan. This type is dynamoelectric scraper, other manufacturer production is done not have to make in home. Be in abroad, check new workstation to undertake online retrieval through Ministry of Education, did not see have relevant story, will look at present, market prospect is capacious. In view of above analysis, this product applies good foundation to go up in rash mine group, the large and medium-sized underground mine that can be in home and abroad, bedding face accumulates promotion application, have wide market perspective. 2, measure all is an entrance as a result of the core component of this type, in small lot stage of production, cost of this part production is fixedder, but the addition of the batch as the product, the cost of this part can be corresponding reduce somewhat, other bought-in component and treatment, also will perfect the addition with crop to get be reducinged appropriately as what manufacture craft, tool. Anyhow, this product can reach promotion application as the addition of crop, raise obtain employment rate of the society, can produce tremendous society beneficial result. News editor offers: Large bamboo hat of Yi of  of boil in water for a while gets address of machinery plant of company of group of mining industry of  ? Lu Zhongye gold: Xing of settleclear Ling of  of discharge  broadleaf plant?13863467585 phone: 0634-8888452 postcode: 271113 mailbox: XUlf8888@163.com current network address: Dynamoelectric scraper alls rights reserved break up the collection is duplicate surely correct!

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