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China already the metallic mineral products of ascertain reserves has 54 kinds
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China already the metallic mineral products of ascertain reserves has 54 kinds, namely: Metal of mine of mine of iron ore, manganese mine, chromic mine, titanium mine, vanadium mine, copper mine, lead, zinc mine, bauxite, magnesian mine, nickel mine, cobaltic mine, tungsten mine, tin ore, bismuth, molybdenum mine, mercuric mine, antimonial mine, platinum a group of things with common features (. Be as follows with respect to distributinging brief introduction of main metal mineral products now. Iron ore: The whole nation already the iron ore area of ascertain has 1834 place. Large and exceed area of large iron ore to basically have: Liaoning saddle hill mining area of one Benxi iron, Ji Dong clever grave of area of iron mine of one punishment station, Shanxi makes the same score Dan of Han of area of one Beijing iron ore, Heibei model close iron ore, Shanxi iron ore of 5 Tai Yilan county, etc. Manganese mine: The whole nation already the manganese mine area of ascertain shares 213 office, basically have: Manganese mine of Liaoning made of baked clay house; Fujian connects city manganese mine; The manganese mine such as garden of hill of Hunan Xiangtan, music, agate, noise billows; Guangdong has the manganese mine such as zonule, Xin Chun; Guangxi 81, the manganese mine such as riverside of next thunder, Li; Sichuan tall swallow and litter carry hill manganese mine on the head; Guizhou abide by justice manganese mine. Chromite: 56 manage producing area, advocate if Xinjiang Sa Er holds the sea, Tibet in the palm the chromic mine such as auspicious of Er of highway of hill of root of Luobusha, Inner Mongolia congratulate, Gansu Province. Copper mine: Already ascertain mining area 910 place, basically be: Heilongjiang saves much treasure mountain; Case of slave of black of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region is spat hill, suddenly each gas; Liaoning province is red appear hill; Copper mine of hill of copper of the Anhui province centers an area; Jiangxi province heart is promoted, city gate hill, Wu Shan, level; Hubei province seductivelies dressed or made up greatly one open new copper mine centers an area; Guangdong saves stone 菉 ; Shanxi province is medium a country region; Yunnan saves Dong Chuan, easy door, bright red hill; Dragon of jade of the Xizang Autonomous Region, marathon is much, much Xia Song is much; The copper mine such as A Shele of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Bauxite: 310 manage producing area, basically be: The gram Russia that Shanxi saves, stone king of fair, photograph, on the west river bottom, too lake stone, Guo slants bridge one Lei Jiasu, wide lawn; Channel of travel of the Cao kiln that Henan saves, horse, merchant channel of channel, Shi Si, Zhu Lin, clip channel, build; The Zi rich that Shandong saves; The smooth fruit of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region that beans; The abide by of Guizhou Province justice (round brook) , forest the bauxite area such as dam of bad, hill. Plumbic zinc mine: Have producing area 700 much place, basically be: The Xi Lin that Heilongjiang saves; What Liaoning saves is fully red hill, Qingchengzi; The Cai Jiaying that Heibei saves child; The white sound Nuo of the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, east rise temple, armour to be born dish, charcoal kiln mouth; Of the Gansu Province become on the west (factory dam) ; Shaanxi saves plumbic Dong hill; The Xi Tieshan that Qinghai saves; The water mouth hill of Hunan Province, yellow Sha Ping; The every mouth that Guangdong saves; 5 when Zhejiang saves; The cold puddle that Jiangxi saves; The dwell glow hill that Jiangsu saves; The big plant of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; The Lan Ping that Yunnan saves, meeting lustre, dragon; The crossbeam that Sichuan saves child, the plumbic zinc mine such as sip village. Nickel mine: Have producing area nearly 100 place. Basically be the red flag mountain that Jilin saves, Chi Baisong; The Jin Chuan of the Gansu Province; The noise made in coughing or vomiting of the The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region pulls a gram, Huang Shan; The cold water Jing that Sichuan saves, Yang Ping; The nickel mine such as the white Ma Zhai that Yunnan saves, Mo Jiang. Molybdenum mine: Have producing area 222 place, advocate if Jilin is big black hill; Liaoning saves Home Yang bastinado child, orchid home channel; Shaanxi saves Jin Duicheng; Henan saves the molybdenum mine such as Luan Chuan. Tungsten mine: Ascertain producing area 252 place, basically be Jiangxi province on the west Mount Hua, bleach hole of col of hill of pond, big Ji Shan, Pan Gu, thrush, waterside, beautiful hill of mountain leaving phoenix tree and tung tree, Kui; Hole of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Fujian Province travel; Garden of bamboo of Hunan Province persimmon, Xin Tianling, precious jade hillock celestial being; Guangdong province curiums hill of board hole, lotus; The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is big bright hill, coral; Tower of the Gansu Province the tungsten mine such as channel. Tin ore: Ascertain producing area 293 place, basically be dam of cliff of big plant of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, coral, water; Yunnan saves Dong Chuan; The tin ore such as end of mountain of Hunan Province fragrant flower, red flag mountain, grouse. Mercuric, antimonial mine: Ascertain mercuric producing area is 103 place, antimonial producing area 111 place. Basically be Guizhou stockaded village of 10 thousand hill, Wu plain, red, copper benevolence; Hunan Province shakes mine waiting for mercury newly, hill of Hunan Province tin ore, board brook; Big plant of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; The antimonial mine such as bay of cliff of the Gansu Province. Shaanxi saves antimonial mine of in relief mercury of a period of ten days. Golden mine: Ascertain mining area 1265 place, basically Heilongjiang saves corvee labor formerly imposed on Xizang serfs, hill of big An He, old oak, Hu Ma; Jilin saves the channel that place a skin, Hui spring; Liaoning saves 5 dragon; Heibei saves piece of members of a family, change on the west; Village of 3 Shandong province exquisite, anxious home, new city, islands, Yin Ge; Channel of valley of Henan province article, tung, Jin Qu, Qin Ling, go up palace; Guangdong visits river station; Hunan Province West Hunan; Yunnan saves Mo Jiang; Sichuan visits northeast camp; Qinghai saves spot Ma; The golden mine such as A Xi of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Ha Mi. Silver-colored mine, ascertain producing area 569 place, basically Shaanxi saves silver-colored Dong child; Henan saves broken hill; Hubei saves garden of silver-colored hole channel, ginkgo; Sichuan visits arsenic village; Jiangxi saves Gui Xi; Jilin saves hill door; Guangdong saves the silver-colored mine such as Pang Xi hole. Rare earth, rare metal: Basically distributing in the Nei Monggol Autonomous Region (white Yun Ebo, 801) , Shandong is saved (small hill) , Jiangxi is saved (south another name for Jiangxi Province, appropriate spring) , Guangdong is saved (north of another name for Guangdong Province) , The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (Fu Yun) and other places.

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