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Dynamoelectric scraper is in in small mine company lacks promotion application
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Dynamoelectric scraper is in in small mine company lacks promotion application since 1996, our country invests strength with respect to what increased fundamental construction, the rapid growth that fixed assets invests makes the industry such as urban base construction, estate, car, Electromechanical exceeds rapid development, these industries are driving to steely demand, spurred the development of iron and steel industry directly. Because rolled steel price is climbed successively,rise, the building is used when steel products is top every tons achieve 4200 yuan, profit is rich and generous, greatly small steely company works overtime grab crop, make the price of iron ore flying thereby rise, mine essence pink is highest rise 1150 yuan, compare 2003 every tons of 200~300 yuan, rose 4, fivefold. Because international iron ore is long-term,contract price rose 71.5 ﹪ . These reasons, caused the manufacturing enthusiasm of mine company directly, and the extend of mine company, build in succession start working mount a horse. The extend of mine company, newly-built addition, direct the demand of mechanical to mine equipment increases quickly. However a few in at the beginning of small iron mine is being built, administrative consciousness is backward, value only at the moment interest, ignored but durative development, for speed, managing investment, see benefit early, next mining production use the well to wait for a few advanced excavate to carry mechanical equipment like dynamoelectric scraper rarely, however driving of the mining below the well is carried still using quite backward method, discharge a car to wait like small go-cart, tractor, tricycle, ground, a little the manufacturing efficiency such as loader of a bit more advanced prong that use phone, pneumatic and small device, restricted the development of productivity. Tall, repair leads efficiency of dynamoelectric scraper production low, action is quick, turn radius area of small, work big, maintenance convenient, fare is a few lower advantage, already got everybody's self-identity. The LDCY-0 that my factory produces. 75, dynamoelectric scraper of LDCY-1, LDCY-2 can get used to all sorts of mining craft to ask. If LDCY-2 dynamoelectric scraper is me,research organization of machinery of a mining of factory and home is developed jointly, production, it absorbed the characteristic of domestic and international congener product, join spot case, collect accurate current situation and mining craft requirement to wait did more reasonable, reliable improve, its are main crucial part is imported for abroad. Abstain had on material choosing actor and treatment precision bigger rise. Dynamoelectric scraper of LDCY-2 of my factory production in our company iron ore of young officer banker moves in the center, to each technology the requirement made detailed record. Statistic makes clear: Average month gives this model mine quantity makes an appointment with 1.8~1.9 10 thousand tons (press 30 days every months, three-shift system, every give mine 5 hours) , produce per year a quantity to amount to 250 thousand tons or so. And overhaul lead low, divide normal easy waste time (like tire, vitta) beyond, basic it is normal movement. Through these year moving circumstance looks, achieved design requirement, passed home to concern the appraisal of authoritative expert, got the height of the user praises. Think consistently: Configuration of LDCY-2 dynamoelectric scraper is high-powered efficiency of reliable, production is tall, easy operation, price is low. And match stock leakage of electricity, press too, oil path jams the protective function that waits for a circumstance to fall, already reached the advanced level of domestic congener product. Please sympathizer connection is discussed, if have cooperative intention, can reach use unit to inspect research, guidance on the spot to my factory. Author: Xu connects peak address: Chinese Shandong saves company of the city zone of Lai of city of Lai overgrown with weeds: Phone of machinery plant of company of group of mining industry of Lu Zhongye gold: 13863467585 mailbox: current network address: Dynamoelectric scraper webpage: / / alls rights reserved break up the collection is duplicate surely correct! On July 23, 2006

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