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In steel assist: With bay mine iron ore negotiates or 30 days end this month
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Yesterday (2 days) , the iron and steel of the 5th China International that Zhang Xiaogang of chairman of association of Chinese iron and steel industry holds in Shanghai expresses on congress, the iron ore negotiation of Chinese steely enterprise and company of Australian mining industry may end very quickly, "I feel everybody hopes to be in off period (on June 30) before end. " from April the middle ten days of a month begins, in steel assist need with supplier of Australian iron ore and need the negotiation of develop all the time sink deadlock, this is near 45 days of time in, in steel assist make known his position clearly to negotiate for the first time the time of the end.

The steel in there is fokelore to say June 30 is before assist with the deadline that need and needs develop, force develop negotiates, nevertheless, in steel assist had not affirmed clearly all the time. Steely expert Xu Xiangchun says to morning paper reporter, "It is only at present such making known one's position, bad still to judge, it is requirement of contented the other side after all, still abandon negotiating, present evidence is returned cannot reason. Present evidence is returned cannot reason..

Xu Xiangchun follows an analysis: "If in steel cooperates with meaning need and need the requirement of develop, that issue is complex, river valley of that Brazil fresh water is tall for certain not low. " this year in Feburary, fresh water river valley has reached price of 2008 year mine to rise with Bao Gang the agreement of 65%-71% , according to the convention, need and need develop and force develop can be carried out according to this agreement, nevertheless, need and need develop puts forward to want subsequently additional the requirement that raises freight, negotiate for this all the time refuse to budge up to now.

Should make an appointment with what buy force develop to needed on May 30 and needing develop puts forward formally to the European Union whether to make an impact to negotiating at present, xu Xiangchun says, "This won't have immediate effect, european Union whether agree to buy, be about to look to whether have the suspicion of forestall. Be about to look to whether have the suspicion of forestall..