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The colliery uses telecommunication cable
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Total factory of Tianjin city cable the first minute of factory, found 1971, it is with production mine is used flame retardant telecommunication cable, mine is isolated from with polyvinyl chloride and jacket is flame retardant control cable, signal cable, the telecommunication cable inside city, power cable, the major that controls cable and product of cloth electrical wiring produces manufacturer. Mine is used flame retardant telecommunication cable tastes safe mark certificate at obtaining coal minerals on October 31, 2002, 2003-2005 year the attestation limits that expanded to bring mark product for many times, the product of a variety of model such as MHYAV, MHYA32, MHYV, MHY32, MHYVP, MKVV, MKVV22, MKVV32 all obtained the letter that bring sign. Cable of complete model power, control cable obtains the manufacturing license that the country issues, local cable obtains MII telecommunication equipment to receive net license, cloth electrical wiring is obtained " CCC " attestation certificate. Factory director: Bi Junping phone: 0316-5960132 mobile phone: 13503167582 Id=6336 mailbox: