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Zincic price falls situation arrive continuously when
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In May, domestic and international it may be said of period zinc market is free and easy rises and fall. Before half month, our country short of Wenshui River plain the especially big earthquake that happen brings about zincic market to supply interrupt exciting zinc price to rise considerably. The half moon after arriving, the increase sharply of LME zinc inventory and dollar go strong afresh, those who cause price of zinc of domestic and international market is broken drop. Up to on May 30, LME3 although lunar period zinc closes in 2000 dollars / ton upper part, but dish in touch for a time however since Feburary 2006 1970 dollars / ton lowermost level. Domestic side, shanghai zinc futures is in May the last trade day is all fronts is sealed more stop, the historical low November 22, 2007 is in nearly very close. Current, is what everybody cares most zincic price falls situation can you arrive continuously after all when? Global market supply and demand is little first quarter superfluous.
International lead zinc considers to organize (14 days of reports show ILZSG)5 month, 2008 supply and demand of market of zinc of essence of whole world of the first season from 2006 of the corresponding period superfluous add 59 thousand tons reach 72 thousand tons. Output of mine of zinc of one season whole world is 2.828 million tons this year, relatively the corresponding period increased 259 thousand tons last year. First quarter crop of global essence zinc year grow to come 2000 tons compared to the same period 283.9, but consumption of the corresponding period reduces 11000 tons to 276.7. Among them, crop of western country zinc is 1.688 million tons first quarter, consumption is 1.747 million tons, bring about zinc of this area essence to supply shortage 59 thousand tons, this decreases not to have nothing to do considerably with what China exports since this year is. LME inventory considerably increase sharply.
Of in former years arrived in March the consumptive busy season that May is metallic zinc, inventory can show apparent downtrend, and had not seen similar case appears so far this year. End the data May 29 shows, LME zinc inventory has achieved one hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred tons, for a year of half top level since. In the time that is less than half month, the report inventory of London metal bourse by increased nearly 20 thousand tons, add the market to be opposite the main area foreground of market of zinc of essence of life looked 2008 weak, make new short seller ceaseless swarm into zincic market, zincic price is returned again in Feburary 2006 near low. OECD precedes index goes weak further.
OECD banner index is the inchoate indicator that economy grows to be affected to metallic price normally. Newest view is dim before the industry that OECD preceded index continued to represent a developed country March is produced, 6 months with the United States, Germany, Europe and OECD group integrated state precede index still is in drop. Banner index of Japan is improved somewhat, but start was last year level of low-down of second half of the year, the undue influence that this basically got bldg. glides. OECD banner index is adumbrative, be in next 2~3 month, the puts delay to make main basic metal is bearing to be down likely pressure of developed country demand, among them zinc gets 2008 and can appear 2009 apparently superfluous expectant impact, drop sign may be more clear. Domestic concentrate is supplied relatively enough.
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