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Too steel marchs energy industry domain
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Taiyuan is steely (group) limited company board of directors passed resolution a few days ago, establish Shanxi too steel energy limited company. The scope of operations of this company includes coal mine, washing, coal-bed enrages development, Yu Reyu to be able to be used. Too steel marchs energy industry domain, it is this group is advanced make by steely product give priority to to rely on iron and steel advocate one of practice that course of study extends new field to transform.

Too steel is located in energy natural resources to be saved greatly, development energy industry has advantaged advantage. Current, too steel already faced a county to acquire reserve in Lv bridge city resource of ten tons high grade cooking coal, it is one of coalfield with domestic reserves and the at present biggest crop, guard estimation, after colliery put into production, can create about 3 billion yuan of profit every year, resource measures potential value to make an appointment with one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan. The development of this one large coalfield is built, will be too steel does not become rusty the cooking coal resource that provides high grade low cost, promote greatly too the competition ability of steel stainless steel, come true quickly too the development strategy goal of steel.

It is reported, after new energy company holds water, will intensify developing resource of the cooking coal that face a county, participate in provincial the conformity of coal natural resources. According to the program, new coal mine will pledge in tooling, product quantity, safe production, economic benefits, resource is used, the respect such as environmental protection achieves international advanced level. Too steel is right this one rare the development that lacks resource is used, the progress that will make industry of great energy industry, active support stainless steel by force to do lays solid foundation. (Huang Chuanbao of reporter Qi Zunquan's reporter)