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Yan mine coal makes oil be made stop oil coal behind the curtain to match powers
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Because policy is restricted, chinese research and development is the earliest, devoted the coal of Yan mine group that the biggest coal makes one of oily items makes oily project be made stop.

According to saying, coal of Yan mine group makes the policy that oily project encounters restrict backside, whole coal and oil group of two golden eggs appears also be involved in this argue. According to about calculate, below current price, use coal refine 1 ton of fat prices are 1300 multivariate. And a ton of petrolic the price is 4000 multivariate; And measure according to expectant treatment, this part is produced can 1/4 what will occupy Chinese oil to import.

   The 3rd ban

This is national hair changes appoint the 3rd ban that makes oil to coal -- " the announcement that manages concerned problem about strengthening coal to make oily item " .

Afore-mentioned files that announced on September 4 point out clearly, coal makes oily project invest a risk big, divide divine China group E Er is much this coal is direct and liquefacient project, magical indirect and liquefacient project needs the coal of Ningxia Ning Dong of group of trade of coal of Hua Ning summer outside continueing to press program newspaper to approve, uniform stop to carry out other coal to make oily item.

2006, national hair changes appoint ever issued two prohibitions one after another -- " do not approve produce per year dimensions to make oily item in 3 million tons of the following coal " , "In national coal liquefaction development program work out is finished before, approve of project of suspensive coal liquefaction " . These two bans make a lot of in miniature project is immersed in backwater, the coal that withheld mine of divine China, Yan and Lu to bring a group for a time however makes oily item.

Personage introduction related Yan mine group, at present Yan mine coal makes oily item already two provinces hair changes Shandong, Shaanxi appoint examine and approve, of 10 thousand tons of dimensions in try to also was finished 2007. 2008 first quarter, indirect and liquefacient project " Yan mine Yu forest 1 million tons of ╱ year coal is indirect application report of demonstrative project of the liquefacient industry that make oil " change through national hair appoint examine and verify is evaluated, hopeful at that time predicting is this year the end of the year can take national hair to change appoint approve formally civil.

However, policy trend mutation lets however originally how cannot high level of hopeful Yan mine group sit. On September 8, 2008, immediately of Wang Xin of general manager of Yan mine group goes to high level of government of meeting of Shaanxi Yu Lin Bai in person. In the talk with local government, the safe assessment that Wang Xin needs to the project, annulus criticizes the problem to table a proposal such as natural resources of report evaluation, water and form a complete set of coal natural resources, government of hope Shaanxi province offers a help harmonious solution definitely. Local government official shows, to these problems, shaanxi province government will be serious thrash out, the concerned provision that omits according to country and Shaanxi cashs acceptance.
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