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Domestic mine replaces Brazilian mine to become established fact
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Li Ping of our newspaper reporter reports

According to " Chinese negotiable securities signs up for " the message says, enterprise of domestic relevant iron and steel and both sides of mine business supply and demand are reached consistent, signed contract of supply and demand, domestic mine replaces Brazilian mine to had become a fact. And on in-house conference recently, in steel assist Chan Shanghua expresses standing secretary-general, short-term inside our country enterprise won't the break a contact of reimport home remedy, Brazil ore deposit that raises its price substantially.

Chan Shanghua expresses, china has the homebred ore deposit that 50 % control, count an import not completely, this has do not mix at Japan Korea. Be in especially town of our country steel is at present small fan, steel output falls, product of domestic share mine is slow-moving, iron ore of keep long in stock of a lot of mine must the period of find a way out, pink of domestic iron essence replaces the issue that Brazilian mine is follow a rational line to do some work well. Investigation and pink of control domestic iron essence, its manage changes target of mine of index excel Brazil, business demand also can be being satisfied completely on the amount, and the price is cheaper than Brazilian mine.

This action of Chinese steely bound is forced come out.

At the beginning of September, world the biggest iron ore produces agreement of tear to shreds of one-sided of company of river valley of business Brazil fresh water, plan to rise price of long-term agreement iron ore makes an appointment with 20 % , message, home each are big steelworks expresses to object in succession. China's biggest civilian run is steely 瑢 of Gu Xiang of assistant president of group of enterprise Jiangsu sanded steel, say when accepting media to interview: "The behavior of fresh water river valley makes us very furious, our bottom line is, go up one minute money is no good. Go up one minute money is no good..

But the fact is, iron data shows Lan Gegang, 2008 1-8 month, chinese steel look forward to is aggregate entrance iron ore 270 million tons, among them 22 % come from Brazil. And Chinese steel look forward to cannot be accepted rise in price behavior, result from the awkwardness with meager with each passing day gain of domestic steely product is actual. After the boycott that suffers Chinese iron and steel, exert of fresh water river valley more the way of firm, stop to offer money to Chinese steel look forward to. After incident happening, in steel assist begin to be coordinated actively answer.

"These days, association organized domestic iron and steel to produce iron ore of enterprise, home to produce a branch to hold special subject meeting, study homebred mine takes sb's place technically the plan of Brazilian mine, prepare build domestic mine to take sb's place the supply of Brazilian mine channel. " on September 18, in the 2nd iron and steel is bought recombine forum to go up, in steel assist secretary-general Chan Shanghua says to media.
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