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Exhibition of equipment of technology of China International mining industry
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Showpiece time: 2008-6-11 comes 2008-6-13Application ends: 2008-7-2Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: BusinessmanExhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meetingExhibit meeting area: Specific address: Beijing • China International exhibits a centerShowpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: , mining kind: Car of driving machine, excavate machine, charge, stage, borer, broach, water is sealed stream equipment of technology, timbering, forklift, grab, windlass, bottle carry machine, anchor equipment of equipment of automation of spraying machine of lever stage car, concrete, mining, other mining; 2, mineral separation kind: Breaking equipment, grind machine, to material equipment, sizing device, classification the equipment, floatation equipment, reelect equipment, magnetic separation equipment, machine that pound an oar, condense equipment, filter equipment of equipment of equipment, dewatering equipment, hydraulic mineral separation, selection by winnowing or wind and equipment of other mineral separation; 3, other mine equipment: Air of sewerage of ventilated equipment mine compresses mine equipment blows up test of mineral products of equipment of sparge of testing instrument of equipment of mine of equipment of signal of mine of equipment of communication of electric equipment mine analyses relevant equipment mine mine of machine of project of mine of tool of instrument mine geology: Blow up equipment, mine uses device of machine of borer of hoist, anchorage lever, pneumatics, artesian well; 5, mine facility for transporting: Machine of transport of dump car, leather belt, scraper, carriage supervisory system, mine uses winch, pit promotion machine, say to weigh car of facility for transporting of cableway of equipment, built on stilts, orbit, dump, tramcar, cage to reach all sorts of calabash to wait; 6, mine is general equipment: Electric equipment, mine communication equipment, safety reachs mine defend equipment, safety is reached defend machine of equipment, ventilated sewerage, decelerate, fuel carries equipment of metric pump, lubricant equipment, automation, analyzer implement, mine equipment fittings; 7, mine safety etc kind: Monitoring of equipment of technology of mining of green environmental protection, mine calls the police system, mine uses mechanical and electrical products to wait; Noise defends equipment of equipment, the lighting below the well, safety indicates, defend equipment of dress, fire control, mining cable, rigging. 8, place of courtyard of scientific research of of all kinds mining industry, institute is new and high technology, newest patent, achievement. Sponsor square: 国家煤炭科学研究总院
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