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2009 China Inner Mongolia (Meng Dong) international coal and energy industry exp
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Showpiece time: 2009-6-18 comes 2009-6-20Application ends: 2009-5-20Periodic: 1 year / [first]Establish time: 9 yearsExhibit meeting object: BusinessmanExhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meetingExhibit meeting area: Specific address: Inner Mongolia connects distant to be able to exhibit a centerShowpiece industry: Ginseng extend range: Show content: 1. Figure of group of trade of domestic and international large coal and achievement are revealed; 2. Colliery machinery equipment reachs a technology: Pumping station of bracket of equipment of whole set of machine of coal mining machine, coal plough, driving, colliery excavate, hydraulic pressure, emulsion, Qian Kongzuan, pneumatic is pounded implement, shovel of borer of hydraulic pressure borer, gear wheel, power shovel, hydraulic pressure, before outfit machine, fight round of shovel, ; 3. Mineral separation and powdery body process equipment and technique: The equipment of combination of breaking equipment, sizing device, broken screening, equipment that grind mine, classification the cleaning machine of equipment, floatation equipment, reelect equipment, arenaceous stone, machine that pound an oar, efficient and shock machine, condense equipment, filter equipment of equipment of equipment, dewatering equipment, magnetic separation, hydraulic mineral separation, handpick equipment; 4. Equipment of well alley construction and technology: Equipment of dig a well, mine uses drilling machine of equipment of machine of hoist, driving, drilling, anchorage lever, bottle carry station of machine, anchorage lever equipment of construction of alley of spraying machine of car, concrete, other well; 5. Carry carry equipment and technology: Facility for transporting of machine of belt conveyer, scraper, orbit, mine uses other and car of winch, scraper, grab, dump, heavy-duty mine to use carriage car and a replacement; 6. Colliery security technology and equipment: Gas of gas of technology of the monitoring that monitor and equipment, coal-bed and colliery collects gas to smoke and use a technology; 7. Generation set equipment all sorts of power plant: Mine is used send become report, flame retardant wire cable; 8. Geological exploration equipment and technology: Mine measures explore of instrument of instrument, coalfield content explore, content to turn spy technology and equipment; Energy industry shows a region: 1, the product that industry of coal chemical industry and coal report an organic whole reach coal radical to synthesize oil, technology; Industry of makings of coal new profile and accept Mi Xincai expect etc; 2, Jiao Lu is gas reclaim use a technology; Coal-bed gas exploitation and use a technology; Resource of slime, gangue uses new technology; 3, the new technology that coal changes to finished product oil; Clean coal generates electricity new technology; New product of energy-saving environmental protection reachs coal phone company technology. 4, coal cooking, aerification, liquefaction is collected with gas, gas smoke, use reach 3 useless integrated processing, use technical equipment to wait; Invite professional audience: Municipal classics appoint, municipal Coal Board print and distribute relevant file, hair reach colliery industry toward management department of coal of each alliance city, invite its to organize an unit at the appointed time personnel of leader, technology, purchase personnel to come round to look around purchase.
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