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2009 Jilin (Changchun) mining industry equipment and exhibition of safe technolo
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Showpiece time: 2009-4-21 comes 2009-4-23Application ends: 2009-3-20Periodic: 1 year /Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: BusinessmanExhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meetingExhibit meeting area: Jilin / the Changchun CitySpecific address: Changchun international exhibition centerShowpiece industry: Mine construction equipment and tool / otherGinseng extend range: Image of company of colliery, coal, mine company is revealed; New and high technology, new patent achievement reveals place of courtyard of mining industry scientific research, institute, resource city and project of business of area coal action are revealed; ◆ mine equipment and colliery are mechanical: Driving machine, pick coal plough, excavate machine, coal mine pumping station of bracket of equipment of excavate whole set, hydraulic pressure, pillar, anchorage lever, emulsion and glue are in charge of, mine machinery fittings, percussion drill aperture equipment, lade equipment of automation of equipment of the motion that reach a shovel, mining, : The cleaning machine of crusher, screening machine, centrifuge, filter press, centrifugal, arenaceous stone, machine that pound an oar, efficient and shock machine, disintegrator, ball mill, grind pare the equipment of the machine, drier, blender, machine that grind mine, floatation machine, to calcine, equipment that build bead; ◆ coal treatment uses technology and device: Coal washing, clean, store, treatment changes technology and equipment; Treatment of gangue, slime uses technology and device; Equipment of coal chemical industry; Coal detects character technology and equipment; Resource of colliery environmental protection, colliery uses technology and equipment integratedly to wait; ◆ construction reachs promotion, facility for transporting: Dig a well, drilling equipment, mine uses spraying machine of car of stage of pump valve, compressor, anchorage lever, concrete, promotion machine of transport of guard of unit of container, link, catching device, racing bike, bearing roller, leather belt, conveyer belt, scraper, reprint car of machine, scraper, dump; Mine reachs all sorts of electrons to say to weigh equipment with carriage car with winch, tramcar, heavy-duty mine. ◆ safety defends reach fire control device:  of black of ⒎ of float of uncut jade of  of ň of tribute of Dong of ⑼ of a huge legendary turtle of dark Jin of collect of Da of hot  of plum of bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase of children's hair earnest cling to ⒏ of float of uncut jade of fall from the sky of dainty of ǚ figured woven silk material roasts meat can  capture just ⒖ bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase float of ammonia of old sign of ⑶ of float of uncut jade of ど of late of  of cake of ⒑ of  dispute a huge legendary turtle. ◆ Electromechanical equipment reachs device of mining industry survey: All sorts of motivation and transmission, generation set, electromotor, decelerate machine, machine that make oxygen compress establishment of form a complete set of electric power of separate facility, colliery, mine to use explosion proof flame retardant electric machinery of cable electrical wiring, explosion proof, mine uses pump to reach catchment, instrument, drill, GPS location system; ◆ is other: General and mechanical equipment (machine of transmission, pneumatics, decelerate machine, bearing) , colliery gas check-up measures establishment; Electric locomotive of factory of type of management of automation of rigging of environmental protection equipment, mine, colliery, accumulator, wiring and wiring of form a complete set, mine uses machine of relevant car, project, mining industry to seek advice from a service to wait;
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