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Technology of mine of coal of 2008 China International reachs equipment exhibiti
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Showpiece time: 2008-11-25 comes 2008-11-27Application ends: 2008-11-1Periodic: 1 year /Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: BusinessmanExhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meetingExhibit meeting area: Specific address: Beijing • China International exhibits a center (north 3 annulus east road 6)Showpiece industry: Other machine, Electromechanical, equipment / mining industry equipmentGinseng extend range: [show content] coal produces equipment: Coal mining machine reachs scraper conveyer and bracket and fittings, fittings, fittings, pumping station; Tunnel driving and timbering: Equipment of tunnel driving equipment, timbering of tunnel timbering material, tunnel (borer and anchorage lever) ; Colliery facility for transporting: Spare parts of the facility for transporting below the well, facility for transporting, auxiliary carry, coal of stock memory, outfit, loader; Coal washing reachs treatment: Labour of cooking of washing equipment, coal, coal is machined; Colliery safety reachs monitoring: Wireless communication mine serves below system of control of colliery safe production, well: Machines and tools of build and repair of geological exploration, ventilated equipment, sewerage, installation, hydraulic pressure, sealed reach lubricant, wire rope and detect, colliery design and scientific research, computer is in the application in mining, seek advice reach commerce, mine to come to help, mine drops in temperature; Mine uses Electromechanical equipment and data: Balance of explosion proof equipment, transformer and transformer substation, clutch, switch, electromotor, bearing, electron, use safe material, mine to use tubal material and chain, mining cable to makings appearance, miner's lamp, mine; Outdoor colliery equipment; Sponsor square: 中国煤促会
中国光大对外贸易总公司Undertake square: Assist do square: Exhibit meeting network address: Http:// meeting specification: [exhibit meeting characteristic]
1, brand advantage
CICME-CHINA distinction is exhibited at general industry meeting, manage with brand-new mode run whole exhibit meeting, exhibit the jumping-off place that the international consequence of the meeting, purchasing power works for everything in order to promote, new pattern, high value will be become this second exhibit the biggest characteristic of the meeting.
2, platform advantage
Include raw coal safety of treatment of washing of production, coal, coal, colliery and monitoring, coal sells service, colliery to produce media of equipment, promotion to wait, enclothe catenary of industry of whole coal mine, hold a conference or consultation of each kinds of ginseng all can find the giant business chance that belongs to his on congress.
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