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2009 China (Shanghai) exhibition of international wear-resisting material
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Showpiece time: 2009-3-8 comes 2009-3-10Application ends: 2009-2-20Periodic: Establish time: Exhibit meeting object: BusinessmanExhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meetingExhibit meeting area: Specific address: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a centerShowpiece industry: Pink wears device / otherGinseng extend range: Show content: Wear-resisting ball, peen, roll, roller, bar, jaw board, scaleboard, liner, alloy, line brick, line piece, lie between cast steel of bend of storehouse board, wheelhead board, wear-resisting, wear-resisting, wear-resisting, Gao Ge is cast-iron, refractory steel, wear-resisting of stainless steel heat-resisting; Pink of stone of stone of bearing roller of rock of flag of multiple tube of stone of casting stone canal, casting, casting, casting, microcrystalline casting, casting and casting stone; Carborundum, nitrogen changes pottery and porcelain of silicon, alumina, zirconia, Gao Ge puddle of alloy of cast-iron, nodular cast iron, manganese steel, wear-resisting (turtleback net) , alloy of carbonization tungsten, zinc, nickel; Welder of equipment of equipment of thermal spraying equipment, clean of vacuum dissolve frit, wear-resisting coating, of all kinds v, Ming Hu, bury arc welding machine, of all kinds assay equipment, of all kinds wear away experiment machine, fight wear away lubricant, fight wear away hydraulic pressure oil, fight wear away lacquer, metal wears away oneself; The heat treatment equipment such as furnace of type of car of burner of the intermediate frequency electric induction furnace, fusion equipment such as cupola, temper by dipping in water, stage, well type, manage is changed detect machinery of equipment, wear-resisting, wear-resisting is ventilated machine of experiment of crusher of equipment, wear-resisting, wear-resisting, non-traditional machining shapes equipment, cast; Relevant publication reachs a network. Sponsor square: 中国机械工程学会磨损失效分析及抗磨技术专业委员会
中国国际贸易促进委员会上海浦东分会Undertake square: 上海时空展览服务有限公司
斯图加伦国际会展服务中心Assist do square: 中国铸造协会耐磨铸件分会
中国建筑材料工业协会微晶玻璃与铸石分会Exhibit meeting network address: Http:// meeting specification: Market of data of ◆ China wear-resisting:  
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