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Chinese colliery gas is smoked put a technology
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Gas of 1. overview our country takes put history but restrospect to before 1637, " Nature's engineering opens thing " the method that one secretary carried the gas in using bamboo to be in charge of the coal that lead a platoon. Our country was used in mine of Long Feng of n Bureau of Mines first 1938 smoke put pump to undertake collecting empty area to smoke putting, mix in government office of n, Yang Quan, weather the fifties boreal ticket bureau begins mine to smoke put gas, end gas smokes to the limit of one's capacity to be 1OOMm3 about the fifties. 60 time are in in succession again in Liang Shan, anxious make, south the Huaihe River, the mine of the bureau such as summit of Baotou, Song Zao, summit was begun smoke put gas to work, smoke put gas quantity to achieve 170Mm3. 70 time come 90 time metaphase, smoke put mine is counted and smoke to the limit of one's capacity to increase steadily. Come nearly 10 years, as the development of coal industry, mine amount reachs coal output mushroom, mine to deep in outspread process, mine of a few low gas turns into expensive gas mine and outstanding mine, the mine that because this needs to smoke,puts gas is increasing, drove Chinese colliery gas to take the rapid development that puts a technology from this, at present gas is smoked general promotion application received in putting a technology to be produced in the colliery. To 2000 our country shared 141 mine to establish the area permanent gas pumping station undertakes smoking putting gas, year smoke to the limit of one's capacity to amount to 867Mm3, come to was smoked 2002 put mine number to achieve 193, smoke to the limit of one's capacity to achieve 1146Mm3. ~ was smoked 2002 1952 put gas to mine is counted and smoke the metabolic trends that puts gas amount to see a picture 1. Gas is smoked put methodological aspect, each professional research unit and cooperation of concerned institution of higher learing and colliery spot, combine the geology of our country mine and field condition, research and experiment succeeded this coal-bed, adjacent layer, select empty area a variety of smoking put gas method. Basically include to wear bore of type of the aperture of cloth of a bore, parallel bore, across, reseau that wear a layer, deep aperture to be cracked beforehand blow up, hydraulic kerf, hydraulic fracture, hydraulic auger (enlarge) this coal-bed gas such as aperture is smoked put a method; Very (bottom) board the bore that wear a layer, top (bottom) board level of tunnel, roof grows bore to wait for adjacent layer gas is smoked put; Risk high belt bore, bury a canal to smoke put, compensate and complementary before the method before chasm bill rate turns over gas tenon.