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Long-range breakdown diagnoses project machine reach safeguard systematic struct
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Summary: The article introduced the characteristic of project machinery industry, elaborated equipment malfunction to diagnose a technology in detail, combine equipment malfunction to diagnosed technology and computer network technology to put forward to be based on compositive media then " watchdog " long-range breakdown diagnoses the project machine of the Electromechanical unifinication product of type reach the structural frame that maintains a system. To the machinery on building site equipment malfunction is diagnosed quickly, as soon as possible repair, make sure construction on the rails has very important sense. Keyword: Long-range breakdown diagnoses project machine with safeguard in recent years, develop as the high speed of national economy, hub of traffic of a few high order and degree became necessary construction item, from this, to the construction time limit for a project of civil engineering, construction schedule, construction quality raised taller requirement. Big to those project amounts, time limit for a project is close, the project project with project quality very strict requirement, want to use the construction machinery equipment with modern very high rate to finish necessarily. Tell from some kind of meaning, construction machinery is having conclusive effect to engineering construction. However, because construction machinery ties outdoor operation more, suffer harships, insolation, air, dust is affected and erode, working environment is very harsh, breakdown is frequent; Together with, the character that construction produces decided they work to go up in each building site, dispersive sex is big, liquidity is strong, those who give trouble is seasonable eliminated to bring very great difficulty. Especially in recent years as construction dimensions increasingly giant, modern mechanical equipment is large with each passing day also change, change continuously, Electromechanical unifinication, its function and complex rate rise ceaselessly, more complex also to the diagnosis of equipment malfunction. Rely on to fill in traditionally be on duty log, rely on parameter to be restricted to call the police more etc artificial or semi-automatic the method that change will safeguard mechanical equipment to lag behind already, not objective, although can have the automatic data logger of and so on of similar black case, but also can do after the event to analyse only. And this kind of obsolete equipment maintains pattern, no matter be the dependability of data or real time sex, return be equipment to safeguard quality to all cannot satisfy a requirement, bring about construction machinery to stop in construction process chance is much, overhaul time is long, affect the plan of the project and quality badly. So, to hold the technical position with the construction good equipment that is in different ground, coordinate the IT of different ground rise undertaking be diagnosed in real time and be maintenanced is very necessary, build long-range breakdown to diagnose reach maintaining a system is the very good method that solves a problem. Long-range breakdown diagnostic technology diagnoses technology and union of photograph of computer network technology through equipment malfunction namely, condition monitoring point is established on construction machinery equipment, collect facility status data; And in technical force stronger scientific research unit builds diagnostic center, run a when undertake analytic diagnostic new technology to equipment. It is as OK as maintenance implementation that long-range breakdown is diagnosed make the breakdown of mechanical equipment is diagnosed more agile and convenient, also can realize resource to share. 1 project mechanical failure is diagnosed reach the mechanical failure of industry characteristic project that safeguards a technology to diagnose reach safeguard a technology to serve as a burgeoning and special industry, what write theory of course of academic, relevant foundation and measure of all sorts of examination technologies, technology as contemporary dimension is ceaseless develop and develop and perfect. It has 3 main characteristics: (1) the cause that the purpose that the purpose diagnoses clearly should determine to breakdown of place of breakdown of mechanical moving state, examination, analysis arises namely and make economy effective maintenance program. (2) alternate sex is strong diagnose reach maintenance to involve tribology, material to learn, a variety of course such as mechanical, chemistry; Include machinery to make, metallic structure, hydraulic pressure, electric change with apply the brake wait for relevant major; Need to use solder, cast, a variety of technology measures such as car, clamp, forge, plating; Want to master maintenance theory, theory of mechanisms reachs the many sided knowledge such as management. (3) working environment is harsh, all practicality is strong diagnosis method and maintenance technology must be a foundation with mechanical actual state, processing gets very quickly carrying out test and verify as a result. Diagnostic technology of malfunction of equipment of 2 breakdown diagnostic technology includes breakdown to detect diagnose with breakdown, close to detect for breakdown and be diagnosed in a general designation of an organic whole normally (FDD) . Normally we say 2.1 failure mechanism facility work is to show it has due function normally, without any blemish, or although have drawback but still be inside tolerance limits. It is blemish had further progress unusually, make facility status produces change, function is exasperate, but still can keep the job. Breakdown is the rate that blemish grows to make equipment performance and function are lost somewhat. Of equipment unusual or breakdown is in equipment its condition signal is carried in moving (namely 2 effect) change mirrors instead. Because monitor with breakdown it is to be in what equipment undertakes below the circumstance of ceaseless machine, because this is a basis with condition signal necessarily. 2 effect is all sorts of physics that equipment appears in move, chemical phenomenon, like oscillatory, noise, temperature rise, oily bad news, be out of shape, power comsumption, wear away, odour, these are moving place of a kind of equipment is inherent. Monitor the feature that reflects with place of 2 effect when diagnose even if wanting well and truly recovery equipment to move. 2.2 breakdown diagnose 2.2.1 condition of process   to monitor basically is to measure take run the condition signal that concern with equipment. Condition signal is the only carrier of breakdown information, also be diagnostic only basis. Because this is monitored in condition in getting condition signal well and truly is very important. Of condition signal getting basically is to rely on sensor or other to monitor what the method undertakes fault signal to detect. There basically are the following processes in detecting: (1) signal measures take: Basically be those who pass n or the change that the exploration head that sensor comprises feels parameter of the object that be measured directly; (2) intermediate commutation: Alternate and transmit what basically finish the signal that obtains by exploration head; (3) data collects: Undertake the successive signal of the commutation intermediate disperse changes a course namely. Data is diagnostic foundation, whether collect enough the long information that reflects equipment objectively to run state, it is the key of diagnostic success or failure. 2.2.2 features are extracted even if collect the diagnostic information that concerns with equipment malfunction from inside condition signal. 2.2. 3 fault diagnostic fault is diagnosed even if have as good as according to the diagnostic differentiate position that draws constant, the auxiliary information that checks according to this information and other complement seeks breakdown source. 2.2. 4 decision-making basis condition of equipment malfunction feature, forecast breakdown to develop a tendency, mix according to breakdown property trend, make decision-making, intervene its work process (include to control, adjust, maintenance) . If the graph shows 1 times,breakdown diagnoses basic course: Equipment of 2.3 diagnostic principles is diagnosed is to use the target that is diagnosed (equipment) all offerred useful information, can identify the diagnostic parameter of facility status in order to obtain most through analysing processing, so that make correct diagnostic conclusion. A variety of information produce when mechanical equipment moves, when its function gradually when deterioration, appear relevant unusual information, the mechanical signal such as the unusual vibration that the condition that is like a machine changes and produces, noise, temperature; Mechanical deterioration process arises wear away the chemical signal of atomic, oily fluid and aeriform composition change. Use testing instrument to undertake to the most sensitive breakdown feature signal condition is monitored, make analyse and diagnose correctly, can in time forecast the breakdown that machine equipment may produce. Graph the 2 working principles that are diagnostic technology. Sensor installation is diagnosing an object (equipment) on, in order to transmit temperature, pressure, vibration, be out of shape wait for signal, these signal are farther signal of translate into report, the input handles installation to signal, the diagnostic signal that processes input of device lieutenant general in signal and store beforehand the standard signal inside the system undertakes comparative, standard signal is a basis the mass data data that gathers beforehand and practical experience analysis induce and make what come out surely decide standard, it is the permission of all sorts of parameter is worth equipment. Through making judgement quite, determine the place of breakdown and cause, forecast the breakdown of likelihood happening. 3 projects mechanical failure is diagnosed reach because the complexity of the diversity of project mechanical failure, paroxysmal, cause of formation and the knowledge that undertake breakdown diagnoses a need are right,maintain a system experience of domain expert practice and the dependence of diagnostic strategy; Artificial nerve network can establish the complex map relationship between breakdown omen and breakdown mode through the study function of oneself, can undertake much element is forecasted. Accordingly, be based on the advantage of the working character of project machine oneself and artificial nerve network, if the graph is shown 3 times,put forward be based on compositive media " watchdog " long-range breakdown diagnoses the project machine of the Electromechanical unifinication product of type reach the structural frame that maintains a system. System of 3.1 systems brief introduction is based on nerve computation algorithm through " watchdog " intelligent unit undertakes online analysis and inference to mechanical moving condition, make corresponding assessment to the operating mode of the machine and pertinent information; Still can be linked together through line and long-distance unit, so that be in different ground to get machine operating mode and its performance information, make an assessment with this. Give the maintenance that issues put oneself in another's position strategy and precautionary measures accordingly, undertake seasonable rehabilitate and precaution to breakdown, ensure machinery is in good moving position from beginning to end. "Watchdog " unit and its job principle show 4 times like the graph: Knowledge is concentrated model intelligent tool " watchdog " can undertake dogging to machine operating mode at any time, get and organize the data of machine and its surroundings. "Watchdog " chip serves as a machine " black box " , can store the condition of main part " orbit " . Once produce invalidation, handlers can be read take " black box " , obtain recently operating mode information of a few minutes, decide breakdown quickly, give seasonable rehabilitate. Appear when mechanical equipment when new trouble, adjust power worth, threshold values ceaselessly through self-study, in order to raise the correct examination rate of breakdown, rate of bring down fail to report sth and rate of false alarm. These message that are based on knowledge can feel other the user place of the site is shared likewise. Long-range breakdown diagnoses 3.2 systems advantage reach a when maintain a system outstanding advantage to be in be diagnosed at having club and safeguard, remove trouble in time. (Data of 1) breakdown operating mode is collected. Through diagnosing a system remotely, can accumulate more machines / the breakdown operating mode of the process, from this, the trouble that from each long-range site gets can develop better diagnostic algorithm in operating mode. (2) breakdown is diagnosed. The expert of differently dot can visit the significant information that deposits in the server, accordingly, be in dispersedly the knowledge of each site is OK and compositive rise finish more complex cooperation to diagnose. (3) served a system remotely to provide the information of a variety of types. For example on-line process / the machine transmits feeling data, breakdown / the historical data that function drops. When undertaking function is evaluated, must try to these information integral consideration. Direction of 3.3 further research is online spread the base that feeling is long-distance service system, because the machine reachs his located environmental complexity, the likelihood should use all sorts of type sensor. A machine error (for example axial unbalance) occurrence meeting causes different omen (for example change of change of oscillatory, temperature, electric machinery bear) , these but by different sensor (for example electric current of lotus root of accelerometer, pyroelectricity, electric machinery) measure get. Need those who a variety of data collect an agreement to prop up accordingly. Same, a sensor also can feel coinstantaneous different breakdown, when and should run conditional happening changing, its sensitivity also can differ. Accordingly, those who pass feeling information confluence getting used to ability oneself is very important, will be helpful for raising the dependability of diagnostic strategy so. In addition, the sensor that still needs to consider to face an end is optimized decorate strategy, pass implementation knowledge and experience share and learn, implementation diagnoses afore-mentioned medium technologies remotely. Expand as what serve an activity remotely, will have more machines / process join arrives to be diagnosed remotely on the system, because this should devote oneself to development,with Yu Chuangan the system designs the integrated tool with implementation. To diagnosing a system remotely, in current network construction condition falls, mass data transmits a process remotely is a bottleneck, must use data to compress a technology to monitor data to undertake handle and accepting or reject to many real time, how choosing a kind of cogent and valid data to compress a technology is a crucial question in transmitting. Diagnostic technology of 4 epilogue breakdown makes equipment is maintained from the tradition on time maintenance and breakdown maintenance changeover reach active maintenance kind to forecast; And build the project machine that monitors the foundation that diagnoses with breakdown to go up in the condition to equipment long-range breakdown is diagnosed reach maintain a system, diagnose the time that gives breakdown happening and place well and truly, maintain time and content in time certainly thereby. Long-range breakdown diagnoses a technology to still be in development initial stage at present, still a lot of problems still are waited for solve, this includes breakdown to diagnose the problem of the problem that technical itself should solve and network technology. But, no matter be,set out from economic viewpoint, still consider from whole construction, internet of have the aid of, the method that long-range breakdown diagnoses effectively implementation project machine is worth to pay close attention to and study. Bibliographical reference   1. Tian Jinxin. Construction business management learns. Beijing:   of   of.1999 of press of Chinese construction industry 2. Qin Zheng, wang Yingluo, zhang Lei, wei Mintang, yan Lixiang. Network business management. Xi'an:   of   of.2001 of press of Xi'an traffic university 3. Guo Xiaohong, zhu Zhanliang, ju Ping, old Chu Xuan. Technology of construction of mechanization of advanced course highway.

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