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The expert suggests to expedite research and development of technology of coal u
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" of little " gas is short of the concept of " oily " and rich coal country, more and more be accepted by compatriots place, energy safety problem also by compatriots place soberer and soberer understanding. Can say the sources of energy is supplied already entered insecure period. As the development of economic society, below the case that does not leave high in house of international oil price, our country still is imported ceaselessly, and go up to be bought more more, cause the annual outflow of 25 billion dollar, spend to the dependence of crude oil increase year after year. Need to know, the crude oil on current world can use 40 ~ 50 years to accuse dried up prophecy to be approbated by common people place increasingly namely again. Under photograph comparing, the coal natural resources of our country is very substantial, it is the biggest coal production country on the world and consumptive country, reserves of resource of mineral products of ministry of land natural resources manages the statistical report that issued in June 2004 shows, up to by 2020, the coal reserve that Chinese ascertain can use directly is 188.6 billion tons, already the reserve average per capita of ascertain 145 tons, produce per year computation of 1.9 billion tons of coal by the whole nation, can assure exploitation about a hundred years, retain reserve amounts to 1 trillion tons at least. "The sources of energy that the development of economy and society wants to rely on origin on the safe side, price to mature is supplied, the prospect that can see at present with respect to us, but second birth the sources of energy is the future that cannot take people to be able to last. For this, strength to spare of university of Chinese mining industry teachs expert proposal, expedite the research and development of technology of coal underground aerification and application. The personage inside course of study knows, liquefacient technology is in coal to already matured domestic and internationally with each passing day, direct and liquefacient technology already provided coal our country own intellectual property, coal makes oily craft also consider to succeed in our country secondhand. Coal makes the gas in oily process although can reduce cost,make oily technology, but finite, the key is the cost that how reduces coal to make energy of life. Before the technology of ground coal aerification that has own intellectual property in our country has not realize mass production to apply, strength to spare teachs a proposal: Use the new technology of coal underground aerification that has own intellectual property likewise to produce coal to make energy of life of oily raw material, he says, this reduced earlier installation cost and technical risk not only, and the cost that will reduce raw material to synthesize gas to manufacture technology significantly and finished product oily cost, the coal that can form Chinese characteristic from this makes oily technology line, make thereby our country not only in strategy of the sources of energy reserve respect is in international lead position, and also can alleviate the pressure that energy crisis of prospective whole world creates to our country. When 50 when can foreknow years energy crisis of the following whole world comes, coal makes oil will be become in those days one of strategic measure of the sources of energy. Technology of coal underground aerification makes gas technology will be taken seriously as cheap coal, be being enraged because of coal translate into is core, and the key is to reduce cost. Current, technology of aerification of underground of coal of gigantic U of " of the " long passage of our country own research and development, large section furnace, if can be synthetic oil to offer raw material to enrage successful word, will make significant contribution in energy crisis of prospective whole world. "The purpose of coal mining ought to be extraction contain in coal can group share, be not go collecting strength to spare of coal itself " to teach very put forward this a little bit explicitly, u.N. is in early pointed out on " of conference of distant view of " world coal 1979, developing coal underground aerification is one of research direction that world coal extracts, it is from go up at all the main avenue of a series of technologies that solve existence of traditional exploitation method and environmental problem. 100 come for years, no matter before Russia, United States, Belgian, Germany, or later the working group of aerification of European underground coal that the 6 members country of the European Union establishs, and the country such as Australia all the time by coal underground aerification this one inviting foreground is attracted, some undertakes coal underground aerification- - generate electricity circularly jointly demonstrative project, some subterranean aerification that have deep coal bed experiment or use gas make industry raw material is enraged and generate electricity. Although they cost much labor power, material resources, but still continueing the indefatigable effort of this respect and Bo Yi. Coal underground aerification, be from go up at all the important way of a series of technologies that solve traditional coal mine and use means existence, safety and environmental problem, to producing the advantage of natural resources of our country abundant coal, produce clean the sources of energy, ensure energy supply safety, enhance international competition ability, the harmonious development of stimulative economy and environment has very important strategy sense. For this, on the foundation of craft of aerification of underground of coal of the Russia before professor of strength to spare is studying and be being summed up, combinative our country discards as useless the national condition of grow in quantity of year after year of coal natural resources, it is guidance with the materialist dialectics, the with much discipline correct application that match is a foundation, put forward to have the technical line that well type and photograph of the type that do not have a well match, namely the gives priority to with coal project building furnace of new technology of aerification of underground of " of " long passage, large section and extremely easy to mine company operation and promotion. He says further, furnace of this kind of aerification opens path and aerification channel by air current two big projects show U model decorate and comprise, air current passageway offers aerification only agent and gas carry those who use, and aerification passageway is to be the coal-bed below place technically to issue translate into in high temperature condition gas used field method. At present till, furnace of coal underground aerification already differred in our country coal-bed finished industrial sex experiment and abecedarian to commercialize promotion application below geological condition, produces low calorific value, medium of calorific value gas and water gas already was served to reach internal-combustion engine group to generate electricity at boiler of civil, industry by development. Professor of strength to spare cited following case, he says, go up century 80 time metaphase, completed field test of aerification of underground of ore deposit of Xuzhou horse bank, 90 time metaphase finished Xuzhou new river again experiment of half industry sex and Heibei save aerification of underground of 2 wells coal industry of aerification of underground of coal of ore deposit of bank of Tang Shan Liu experiments, undertook commercializing promotion application in and other places of Shandong, Shanxi. Strength to spare is glad that the ground points out, group of mining industry of Shandong new short of Wenshui River built furnace of 6 underground aerification, what what produce is gas and main use at civil reach generate electricity, formed industry of the throughout the country's biggest coal underground aerification to produce base. Furnace of its underground aerification serial production is gas amount to 5 years of above. "Enter 21 centuries, the research ' that ministry of national science and technology already controlled stability of aerification of ' coal underground the technology includes a country S - 863 hi-tech research and development plan. "He says: "' of project of aerification of underground of coal of oxygen boosting of group of trade of coal of ' Shandong new short of Wenshui River and aerification of underground of ' Shandong Li Yan coal send ' of electrical engineering Cheng (day produces water gas 1.2 million M3) change at all was being sent by the country 2004 appoint include national form. "  the year before last year, the country points out clearly already: Natural resources of our country coal is relatively substantial, oil gas resource is in short supply, strengthen research of technology of coal underground aerification further, form as soon as possible commercialize production, after two afore-mentioned projects are successful, promotion can be accumulated in countrywide bedding face, this little to rich coal energy of life is short of oily our country to tell, make full use of coal natural resources, adjust the sources of energy structure and make sure energy security is to have very big reality and far-reaching history sense. Last year on March 28 " People's Daily " published a problem to be " coal underground aerification is well worth doing " comment, the expert predicts to 2050 global oil and natural gas resource will be entered dried up period, this will bring about coal underground aerification to apply the arrival of the times. Strength to spare says, we offerred technology of new poriferous and compound furnace, move toward along subterranean coal-bed namely, build continuously a certain number of subterranean aerification furnace, between unit furnace and unit furnace, be interlinked to become independent relatively again already, with implementation coal natural resources the biggest use. "The subterranean aerification model test that different coal plants and field test make clear, although differ,the aerification reaction active that coal plants is existing difference, but be below subterranean aerification condition, use oxygen boosting - water vapour is aerification agent, fall than the condition in appropriate oxygen steam, the calorific value in all can be being obtained is gas, its CO, H2 has higher content, h2 and CO content summation achieve 60 % ~ 70 % . Accordingly, the aerification below different coal cultivate land all can make oil offer eligible and cheap synthesis raw material to enrage " for coal. Such, after moving alternately through much heat, carry gas storage station centrally, the successive and steady supply that can ensure synthesis adequately to enrage, make coal underground aerification -- synthetic oil becomes a possibility. About Gao Han hydrogen estimates the production with gas groundwater, more than professor says, usable and following craft of aerification of two phase underground is finished. The first phase, rouse air to support combustion, blast of coal-bed accumulation of heat, generation is gas; The 2nd phase, rouse water vapour, form groundwater gas. Dry distillation arises in whole aerification passageway gas with water gas, obtain the high calorific value that contains hydrogen of very high proportion thereby gas. This are gas depart through pressure swing adsorption in the ground with rarefied, attainable pure hydric (purity achieves 99.9% ~ 99.999% ) , make large-scale coal makes hydrogen become a possibility thereby, for prospective coal direct liquefaction and hydrogen can other uses creation condition. The range with because coal underground aerification is new applicable craft is wide, plant to coal without He Yan case asks, relaxed so the applicability that ground aerification technology plants to coal, more than professor says: "Coal-bed dip and ply and produce tolerance the concern is very big, and do not have apparent effect to gas quality, coal-bed ply cannot little at 2 meters, yue Houyue is helpful for burning, also created a condition for high temperature. "Technology of coal underground aerification still has the advantage with the biggest another is, use it to be able to reclaim previously with natural resources of outcast now coal, because the stoping rate of craft of traditional coal mining is at present inferior. Statistic makes clear, coal stoping rate of the whole nation does not exceed 50 % , how much to collect to discard how many. If use technology of coal underground aerification, criterion but utmost ground reclaims these outcast resource, so, it is a kind of green technology that reduces environmental pollution. After the technology entered industrialized, industrialization only, square can benefit is mixed at the society the mankind. Professor of strength to spare is aimed at finally as a result of downstream industry at present investment or research and development are not worth, bring about the commercial application with current terminal gas product to basically be direct combustion, and technology of synthesis of gas detached technology, extract technology, chemical industry does not have application and investment basically. The commercial application of high additional cost is very short still, for this, he offerred his proposal: Establish science and technology of coal underground aerification to invest head office, with be opposite technology of coal underground aerification undertakes planning management and run, accelerate the process of its industrialization and industrialization. In the meantime, make technology of coal underground aerification and financial photograph are united in wedlock, get greater benefit, the challenge of energy crisis of whole world of future of final meet head-on. 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