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Power station of coal of first free from contamination is in the whole world Ger
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Berlin of Xinhua News Agency power station of coal of the first free from contamination was in electric whole world 29 days on May 29 German break earth. The carbon dioxide that coal of burning of this power station produces won't be discharged in atmosphere, avoid to produce greenhouse gas thereby. According to the report, the free from contamination of this coal power station generates electricity the principle is: In close the space uses coal of pure oxygen burning, the carbon dioxide that uses air to purify a technology to produce combustion departs from inside aerosol, again liquefaction of its high pressure. The residual segregation that combustion produces is put in subterranean storehouse to wait to handle. It is reported, this kind of technology still is put in inadequacy. For example common coal power station can the electric energy of raw material translate into 45 % , and adopt this kind of technique, the utilization rate of raw material has 35 % only. In addition, the depart of carbon dioxide and store cost is higher also, achieve every tons 20 to 40 euro. This coal power station is located in suddenly of German the eastpart part Lan Dengbao city and boundary of Sa Kesen city, here ever was center of Dong Deneng source. Power station of this one coal is covered with tiles by tycoon of Swedish the sources of energy group of Teng law Er invests build of 50 million euro, predict to will be enabled 2008.