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The dominant curb of south Africa colliery explodes technology
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Prevent explosion of colliery gas, grime, the issue shuts miner life safety and mine safe production, it is one of exploitation of labour of coal industry well major task. South Africa is one produces coal big country, level of its colliery safe production is in international advanced level, accident of colliery fire damp explosion never has produced since 1994. In recent years, south Africa is on traditional groovy technology base, research and development goes out active model restrain technology of gas grime explosion (the following abbreviation ors actively explode technology) .
One, general situation of safe production of south Africa colliery
Ode of natural resources of south Africa coal puts stability, coal is qualitative admirable, field condition is good. At present coal produces per year dimensions to be controlled for 250 million tons, among them 1/3 exit, the others for private use. The yield of enterprise of before productivity 5 collieries can be occupied always produce can 70% . Mine of countrywide existing production is close 100, 60% it is well labour exploitation, the others is opencast working. Majority of well factory well uses pillar of alley of machine of successive coal mining to extract.
The adjustment that the job of colliery safe production of south Africa accepts law of safety of national mining industry and provision of its form a complete set and tie, the mine safety law of similar our country and colliery safe practice. The standard of the standard of gas concentration control of environment of industry of colliery well dirty and our country is similar, gas chroma achieves 1% times alarm, achieve 1.2% when cut off the power automatically, achieve 1.4% when must suspend operation.
The state that accident of gas of a colliery delivers more ever also was on south Africa history. Produced accident of colliery fire damp explosion in May 1993, die 53 people, a series of step were taken after accident happening, after this had not produced accident of fire damp explosion 13 years again. Countrywide colliery died 2004 20 people, mortality of 1 million man-hour is 0.19% (changeover is into 1 million tons of mortality 0.08) ; Countrywide colliery died 2005 16 people, among them roof accident 4 people, mechanical accident 10 people, other accident 2 people, mortality of 1 million man-hour 0.15 (changeover is into 1 million tons of mortality 0.06) . Colliery safe production is total the level is taller.
2, south Africa coal-master moves curb to explode technical generation
South Africa also is the gas chroma hand from control work space to the precaution of accident of explosion of gas, grime. In ventilated system, ventilated establishment, wind force configuration and wind speed command a respect, be restricted in order to ensure chroma of working space gas does not exceed to be essential. If monitor area gas chroma to exceed,be restricted, call the police, cut off the power, shutdown, remove a person. Once produced gas grime explosion, also be to adopt lie between explode water canopy, lie between explode the passivity such as cliff pink canopy restrain measure, with the might of abate explosion bow wave, clutch make bow wave reflection and secondary explosion.
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