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A few classification of metallic mine
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Metallic mineral products is national economy, countryman daily life and national defence industry, sophisticated technology and high-tech industry need indispensable fundamental material and important strategic goods and materials. The crop of iron and steel and nonferrous metal often is considered as national power of a state reflect. 1996, output of our country steel breaks through 100 million tons to close greatly first, jump house world the first; Crop of 10 kinds of commonly used nonferrous metal achieves 5.23 million T, in production of world nonferrous metal big country relays add is in the 2nd; Gold output, 1996 is 128.05t, was 166.3t 1997, achieve the history top level; Our country is rare earth big country, the consumption of the actual output of rare earth and world comparatives almost.

Natural resources of our country's existing metallic mineral products and the productivity that form are health of economy of 21 centuries our country, continuously development, laid reliable foundation.

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