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Install inspect total bureau: The metal is metalloid first half of the year mine
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Xinhua net Beijing on July 14 report (Wu Sai, Du Yu) total bureau of supervisory government of national safe production is reported 14 days, today
Year first half of the year, countrywide metal is metalloid mine produces an accident 593 cases in all, die 795 person, drop respectively compared to the same period 30. 4 % , 25. 8 % .
The bulletin says, from accident happening the area looks, 10 provinces such as Anhui, Guizhou, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Yunnan, Shaanxi (area) send an area more for the accident; Look from accident type, produce toxic choking accident 5 cases, roof fall piece help an accident 3 cases, cave in accident 2, accident of hill body coast 2, ground cave in, show water and explosive accident since each 1 .
Although the metal is metalloid first half of the year situation of mine safe production is overall and stable, but enter since June, frequency of bigger above accident is sent.
The bulletin says, countrywide metal is metalloid June mine produces bigger above accident 12 cases in all, death (contain be missing, similarly hereinafter) 79 person, than last year the corresponding period increases 3 cases, much death 45 person, rise respectively 33 % and 132 % ; Produce grave accident 2 cases, death (be missing) 31 person. Came 5 days on July 2 especially, produced bigger accident 3 cases continuously, die 14 person.
Install inspect total bureau to think, the reason of bigger above accident of near future happening basically has the following 3 respects: It is ventilated measure does not reach the designated position, calm breeze works; 2 it is roof and tunnel construction standard low; 3 it is safe responsibility is not fulfilled.
According to analysis of calendar year accident, came in July September is a metal metalloid mine accident sends period of time more. For the current that metalloid mine accident sends metal of effective keep within limits more, bring demand of inspect total bureau: Continue to carry out a metal compulsively machinery of metalloid underground mine is ventilated; Continue to begin safe production 100 days deep superintend and director investigates special operation, serious platoon checks hidden trouble of punish safe production; Rigor is on guard natural disaster causes an accident. Flood season comes, each district should pay close attention to closely affection of main river flood is dynamic inside weather, precipitation and area, supervise and urge each production manages an unit to overcome paralytic thought and fluky psychology, height values flood prevention job, increase an accident to investigate strength.