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2050 but second birth the sources of energy will replace coal and oil gas
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On September 18, division of the 10th China assist environmental protection of annual meeting " and forum of " of zoology civilization construction are held in Zhengzhou. Ma Tongsen of university of academy of science of net electric power Professor Wu Xiong, Henan teachs Jin Jianming of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wei Fucheng, Huang Jili and country to attend forum and do specially invite to report, magnify of vice-governor of government office of the civil administration that save a person protects a speech, the leader comrade such as Yuan Zuliang of vice-chairman of province the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference attends forum.

Build protective screen of rural environmental protection as soon as possible

Jin Jianming of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering made " Henan omit the report of research of agricultural zoology environmental protection and countermeasure " on forum, because economy of past extensive type grows means and job of rural environmental protection to did not get,think enough take seriously, cause rural environment to administer serious lag, bring about rural environment problem to be highlighted increasingly then. Its basically behave in: Tend or guard a gate second Piao of Bi of protein of second Piao house unexpectedly pollution of berth? life and industrial pollution overlay, all sorts of new old pollution interweave each other, industry and urban pollution are transferred to the country.

Henan province regards population as big province of big province and agriculture, project of national commissariat strategy produces core division, the concentration that is existing state of affairs of Chinese socioeconomy development epitome. The food supply that the issue of rural zoology environment that Henan saves will affect a country directly is safe, rural zoology environment suffers pollution, its consequence will be very serious. Accordingly, should study as soon as possible and make " byelaw of environmental protection of zoology of Henan province country " , " byelaw of environmental protection of Henan province farmland " and " Henan province fertilizer monitors regulation " , this is the important safeguard that realizes environmental protection of Henan country zoology.

Environmental protection cannot leave the strategic transition that economy grows

Wei Fucheng of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering made the report of " environmental protection and " of transition of economic development strategy. He goes out in report middle finger: Our economy grows? of Ran of smelt metal of  of actinium of ⒋ of Long billows Shou and growing is extensive model. On the road of industrialized development, our country executes " bad news of 3 high high investment of one low "(, high content, tall pollution, low benefit) economy grows pattern. He calculated brushstroke Zhang, after liberating, calculate with changeless price, our country GDP grows 10 times, and mineral products resource spends growth 40 times. Mode of this kind of development costs source and sacrificial environment to be cost with a large number of disappear, environment and the contradictory and ceaseless aggravate that economy grows, accordingly, execute strategic transition imperative.
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