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China " coal makes oil " the project drops in temperature in risk early-warning
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Xinhua net Taiyuan on September 20 reportProblem: China " coal makes oil " the project drops in temperature in risk early-warning

劼 of Liu of reporter of Xinhua News Agency, Chen Zhonghua

The reality of cheap of oily expensive coal ever made " coal makes oil " become industry of Chinese coal chemical industry to contend for photograph angle " cosset " , become however international oil price " switchback type " the ground drops into interval of be issued to lower levels, coal price lasts perch moves, add " coal makes oil " the risk with project potential itself, once " cosset " view is difficult again.

At the beginning of September, the country develops innovation appoint make stop much " coal makes oil " project, put forward " high risk industry " early-warning. The 2nd China that concludes in 19 days (Taiyuan) on forum of height of exposition of new industry of international coal and energy, "Coal makes oil " although the topic makes a central point again, but what before mixing a year, differ is, hot there were more reasons to think in discussing, "Coal makes oil " the project begins to drop in temperature in risk early-warning.

"People thinks ' coal makes oil ' can spin industrial catenary. But the original appearance that whether it accords with the market truly, the opportunity of mount a horse is mature, huge investment can find the market after all, the result does not have certainly however those who envisage is good in that way. " the vice director of advisory committee of expert of energy of the State Council that comes round to attend forum week earth says to reporter of Xinhua News Agency.

On the forum last year, zhang Yuzhuo announces vise general manager of divine China group: Divine China company is in Inner Mongolia E Er is much this the first " coal makes oil " industrial product line will try at was being thrown 2008 move, formal production goes out " coal makes oil " product. With at that time international oil price, the price relatively cheap coal liquefaction is tasted into oil have the appeal that comparative undoubtedly.

But meanwhile, zhang Yuzhuo is early say frankly, before realizing industrialization truly, still need an enlarge and demonstrative course, because its investment is large, risk control demand is high.

Development is reformed appoint one paper announcement makes one of eye of two when this project of divine China becomes our country to be put only now this category. Another namely the coal of Ningxia Ning Dong of company of group of trade of coal of divine China Ningxia and cooperation of company of south Africa Sha Suo is indirect liquefacient project also does not get start of do sth without authorization before winning approval. And other " coal makes oil " the item is same be called " brake " .

Development is reformed appoint also emphasize in the file, current, a few places appeared the blind program, suggestion of a new development that builds project of coal chemical industry eagerly, healthy to economy, develop steadily will produce negative effect.
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