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Mine safety is censorial byelaw
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[classify date] 112601198203

[caption] mine safety is censorial byelaw

[sex of effectiveness for a given period of time] effective

[issue an unit] the State Council

[promulgate date] 19820213

[executive date] 19820701

[date of failure]

[content is classified] labor

[article date]

[name] mine safety is censorial byelaw

[the problem is noted]

[Zhang Ming] full text

To be opposite mine company, institution and its director branch are carried out the first " mine securing rules " the circumstance undertakes supervisory, the country implements mine security supervisory system, setting mine safety is censorial orgnaization and mine safety supervisor.

Total bureau of labor of the 2nd country sets mine safety censorial bureau, bureau of labor of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (hall) set mine safety censorial place, bureau of work of the area that mine centers quite, town sets mine safety censorial room (group) .

Censorial orgnaization gets various mine security the leader of department of the labor that be the same as class, ranking mine security gets on business the guidance of censorial orgnaization.

Various mine safety is censorial the orgnaization is main of chief appoint and dismiss and bring into play, should sign up for safety of mine of on one class censorial orgnaization puts on record.

Censorial orgnaization sets safety of the 3rd mine mine safety supervisor, from familiar mine safety the technical knowledge, senior engineer that can be engaged in the examination below the well working, engineer, assistant engineer is mixed mine (place) class cadre is chosen.

Safety of mine of national labor total bureau is censorial the supervisor of the bureau, by national labor total bureau is appointed; Local mine safety is censorial the supervisor of the orgnaization, by bureau of labor of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government (hall) appoint, mine of total bureau of newspaper country labor is safe censorial bureau puts on record.

Supervisor by appoint mechanism to send " mine is safe supervisor card " . Supervisor card is united by national labor total bureau print.

Safety of the 4th mine is censorial the main powers and authorities of office of the orgnaization is:

One, the policy that publicizes safe production guiding principle and labor protection, code, supervise " mine securing rules " carry out carry out;

2, supervise and urge mine company begins safe education and technology to groom the job;

3, attend mine the design is examined and mine project complete is checked and accept, attend achievement of mine safety scientific research and the appraisal that concern new technology;

4, the use circumstance of the in finished state that examines project of measure of technology of mine company security and funds of safe technology measure;

5, examination mine safety works, to disobeying " mine securing rules " with harm worker safety healthy circumstance puts forward to treat an opinion, when necessary, can give out to concerned mine company, institution or its director branch " mine safety is censorial opinion advice note " , ask their deadline is corrected or deadline is solved;
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