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Coal industry policy
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Coal industry policy

Coal is the main the sources of energy of our country and essential industry raw material. Coal industry is our country's principal foundation property, can last of coal industry development of health of economy of development concern countryman and security of national energy resources. Implement scientific progress concept to be carried out in the round, natural resources of coal of reasonable, orderly development, raise resource utilization rate and productivity level, health of stimulative coal industry develops, basis " law of coal of People's Republic of China " , " law of resource of mineral products of People's Republic of China " and " a certain number of opinions that the State Council develops about promoting coal industry health " (the country sends 2005 〕 of 〔 18) wait for law and normative sex file, make this policy.

The first chapter develops a target

The first insists to rely on progress of science and technology, take resource utilization rate tall, safety has safeguard, economic benefits the coal industry with little pollution of good, environment can develop way continuously, provide safeguard of the sources of energy to build comparatively well-off society in the round.

The 2nd deepens coal natural resources paid use system reform, accelerate conformity of coal natural resources, form with reasonable development, aggrandizement managing, loop is used for the key, the development of coal natural resources of friendly, harmonious development exploits manufacturing safety, environment system.

Admittance of the 3rd severe estate, the standard develops sequence, perfect exit a mechanism, form give priority to body with large coal base, suit with environment and condition of carriage substandard ministry, the industrial position that expands to be coordinated with region economy.

The 4th deepens coal company reform, the share-holding system that pushs coal company is transformed, annex and recombine, raise an industry to be spent centrally, form give priority to with group of large coal industry body, medium or small the industry that the colliery coordinates development organizes a structure.

The 5th advances construction of system of coal technology innovation, build give priority to body for oriented, enterprise with the market soundly, produce the mechanism of coal technology innovation that learns to grind to be united in wedlock, the industry that forms a batch to have own intellectual property is great and crucial technology. Cultivate market of science and technology, development serves an orgnaization, form perfect technical innovation to serve a system.

Government of the 6th aggrandizement is superintended, fulfil responsibility of body of proprietor of an enterprise, support science and technology progresses, attach most importance to a dot with the calamity such as gas of prevention and cure, water, fire, grime, roof, mine pressing, perfect colliery safe production throws the lasting effect mechanism that reachs management.
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